What it Means to be a Friend?

We have had good response for almost all the short stories we have posted on this blog. And that includes the short stories about friendship, relationship and some short stories about life.

And here is a short story, that we recently found,and it talks about what it means to be a friend. This one really touched us all and therefore we thought of share it. We wish every person in this world should be a friend like Nishanth to one of more friends in their life.

What it Means to be a Friend?

It was during our semester examination time. That day, we had our instrumentation & Control systems paper in the morning. We all were getting ready in the hostels.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower. While coming out of the bathroom, I accidentally, slipped, fell on the floor and got injured. I went unconscious, instantly. A few minutes later gathered my consciousness. I found out that I had broken my nose , my teeth and also I was bleeding profusely.

short stories about friendship

All my friends gathered around and we were just having 30 more minutes for the examination. But somebody had to take me to an hospital.

But whoever it is , they wont be able to make it to that exam and will subsequently have arrears. This was the situation. (Arrears will have an impact in your placements , higher education and other stuff)

All my friends were a little hesitant and didn’t know what to do. But there was this friend of mine , who came and told me,” This(the exam) is all secondary. Your health is far more important” and started getting ready to take me to the hospital. I swear, he told me the exact words.

He placed me and my health before everything. He was ready to take that blow on his academic career for me. I was really moved and touched by his gesture.

My friend’s name is Nishanth. I never thanked him for I know , he will only scold me for that. I could only repay his gesture by trying to be a better friend to him, which I will.

P.S: I , however , managed to take that exam in that condition and both of us cleared the exam without any arrears.

Source: Neeraj Adhithya.

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