Whatsapp Video Wedding Invitation at a Remarkably Low Price!

Custom Whatsapp Video Wedding Invitation

Looking for whatsapp video wedding invitations? Well, you are at the right place. We offer some cool whatsapp wedding invitations for a very affordable price. We have dropped our prices recently so make sure to check some of our video wedding invitation samples below.

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1 Minute Standard price – $40 (2500 INR). We often offer discounts, please fill form below for details.

Our latest one Minute Wedding Invitation Videos

Template 1

This is one of our latest wedding invitation template. Created with some good effects in mind. To create this video wedding invitation all we need is.

Our Video Requirements

1 Single picture of bride, 1 single picture of bride groom and 1 single picture of both bride and groom.

We may also need the names of both bride and bride groom along with wedding date and venue details.

Template 2

The sky wedding invitation is really simple yet gives a great delight to your viewers. The music for this wedding invitation video can be customized.

Give us the audio track you want us to play and we will use it.

Here are the details we require to make this wedding invitation.

Our Video Requirements

As usual, we just need 3 pictures in total for any one minute video invitation. 1 single pictures of the bride and 1 single picture of the groom. We may also need 1 single picture of both bride and groom in it.

The names of both bride and groom along with wedding date and venue details. That’s all we will ever need to create this wonderful wedding invitation.

Template 3

This rose petals video wedding invitation video is one of the best selling video for us. It is created long back with some smooth sliding effects.

Our Video Requirements

The video requires 3 single pictures in total.

1 picture of bride, 1 picture of groom and 1 picture of both in it.

Name of bride and groom along with wedding date and venue detail is all we need to get this wonderful video invitation up and running.

All one minute wedding videos will be delivered in 2 business days.

Template 4

Our latest one minute template adds more fluid animations to the wedding invitation. With a combination of great music and a wonderfully made animation this one is something that really catches attention.

As you would expect, this video will come well below 16MB, so you can use this as your whatsapp wedding invitation as well. So, here is our latest wedding invitation for you.

Whatsapp Wedding Invitation Requirements

As you would expect, we just need single picture of the bride, single picture of groom along with a group picture for both bride and groom.

Other details like, wedding date, wedding venue is something that should be added.

Template 5

Traditional Video wedding invitation is one of the most widely requested video. Almost all our videos have modern kind of feel and look. So, we took some efforts to create a truly traditional wedding invitation.

The video starts with a intro with lord ganesha and a stotra. Followed by a simple yet very effective invite that includes, dates of wedding, mehndi, reception dates.

We don’t need any pictures from your side to create this invite, all we need are the wedding dates and other details. If you want us to add pictures, we can add one picture at the end of the video. Please make sure to give us a full HD picture.

2 Minute Video Standard price – $60 (4000 INR) . Video shall be delivered in 3 business days.

The two minute rose petals video invitation lets you to tell a story. The story of your love. Although we don’t allow video longer than 2:10 seconds, we highly recommend this video.

This is one of our highly sold videos. That’s because you can narrate a short story in a short video invitation.

Video Requirements

Based on the availability and space we will add 3 single pictures of bride and groom along with some good collection of group pictures.

3 Single pictures of the bride and 3 single pictures of the groom along with 6 to 9 pictures of both bride and groom in it.

We will also need names of both bride and groom along with wedding date and venue details.

We also make custom greetings (your own personalized content and music) for a little extra cost.

Hurry Up! Submit your email address and we shall get back to you very soon. All the videos that are included are whatsapp enabled. Which means these high quality videos can be uploaded to whatsapp and you can share whatsapp wedding invitation video.

We also do whatsapp pre marriage invitations along with whatsapp engagement videos at a very descent price. Just let us know if you are willing to get an awesome wedding invitation and will do the best possible video in shortest possible time.