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Where can I find video wedding invitations online? asked one of our fans at Video Inspiration. I said, we can create one for you. Contact us to order your own personalized video invitation to make your wedding even more special.

If you need a custom video invitation which starts from as low as $40 for up to $70, talk to us.

Update 26th Nov 2013
So, we managed to upload (to youtube) one of the wedding invitation we created for a friend a while ago. Few people requested for sample video and therefore here is it. You can also refer your friends to help us out. Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

Video wedding invitation

(Update: More templates included.)

A wedding, beyond any doubt, is one of the most significant events in life. This is one of those events that binds two hearts. Wedding always gets greatest priority in almost anybody’s life; and therefore it is very important to have all your dear ones on board when you are getting married.

Long back (6 months ago, I guess!), I remember having a discussion with my friends about the wedding invitations. As a part of it, I asked my friends a question – “What are the different ways people invite their dear ones to their marriage?” Most of my friends were unmarried so I got some good number of answers on how they wanted to do it. The typical answers were … “a traditional wedding invitation” or an email with an attachment of the “wedding invitation”. Some of them even said that they would just use Facebook or twitter, which I thought wasn’t so weird or was it? Anyways, those were some typical answers from my friends.

I thought about it for a while and asked – “How about making a video invitation?” A video wedding invitation, sounds cool right? And suddenly, they looked at me like this …

video wedding invitation

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that epic expression from almost all of them.

I mean, they liked the basic idea (as the picture above says ‘JOY’) but at the same time the expression didn’t match at all. I asked them – “Is something wrong?” and they said “no”. And suddenly one of them asked – “Are you getting married?” and then everybody started laughing as if they were having same question in their mind. I said “no” and I was owned later on.

Now coming to the point, video wedding invitations can really capture the attention of your loved ones almost instantly. I remember creating a video for one of our supporters at Video Inspiration long back. I should have it somewhere on my hard disk, which I will try to upload on one of our youtube channels soon or later.

So, using a traditional wedding invitation will almost do the work but having a video greeting always adds flavor. It creates special attention and I believe that its a modern way of doing things differently!

So, if you are planning to make a video wedding invitation, please contact us. We might help you with the video or with some video wedding invitation ideas.

Alternatively, if you wish to make your own invitations then you can also help us by getting any of these inspirational music or from this one. We have a great collection of tracks that you can use in your wedding invitation! If you want our help in selecting a great track, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always more than happy to assist you guys 🙂

UPDATE: Find AMAZING video wedding invitation samples here. Registration FREE!

Update: 13th July 2014

We have recently created a happy birthday greetings or wishes video and its absolutely free to use. People come up and request us for free happy birthday wishes video and therefore we created one for them. If you have birthday coming up, you can share this happy birthday video.


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