Unintentional Hero

“I am alive… because somebody decided to be an organ donor. A hero. My hero.”

An Irish singer-songwriter has released a moving video to create awareness of organ donation worldwide, while honoring deceased organ donors doing so.

The song, just released went straight to No. 1 in the Irish singer-songwriter charts. The music video was released on Monday and it is a powerful tribute to the organ donors, recipients and their families.

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Pa Curran was inspired to write the song in memory of all the “unintentional heroes” – those who have saved lives by donating their organs. The idea originally came to him after one of his best friends – fellow musician, Taidhg Burke Neff – was killed in a car accident last October.

Just three weeks later, Pa, from Bantry in Cork, attended the funeral of another friend, Alan Feely. Alan had suffered a brain bleed after collapsing at the gym. Alan was just 28, a PE teacher from Mayo.

Both Taidgh and Alan donated their organs. The idea for the video came from the emotions witnessed at both funerals. “There was a common theme at both funerals, pride. All present, though overcome with grief were comforted by the fact that the deceased had saved lives by being a donor. And that is the message in the video”

That the song is doing so well is a fitting tribute to Taidgh, who was a member of a successful local band, the Calvinists.

“Taidgh was the one who pushed me into songwriting. It’s ironic that my most successful song would end up being about him.”

The concept of the video is striking in its simplicity – those who have received organ donations acknowledging the gift they were given by their donor.

Pa was put in contact with 38 families whose lives have been affected by organ donation after being interviewed on the Ray Darcy Show on Today FM, Irelands largest daily show, 20 of whom went on to appear in the music video. Pa is still in regular contact with many of them and believes that making the video has been of enormous benefit to them.

“I’ve been getting so many emails. It has been a huge part of the healing process, of their grieving,” he said.

“It’s really helped them. Most of them had never spoken about their loved one’s organ donation. The video and the song have given them a forum to talk about it.”

It was also a chance for the families to meet those whose lives have been saved by organ donation and for them to see the huge positive effect that organ donation can have.

“It was the first time many of the families had met someone who had received an organ. There was 90 people at one point and there was a very powerful feeling in the room. It was a very emotional day.”

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