Short Story with Great Life Lesson

Short stories with life lessons.

Its been nearly a month since we published an article here on this blog. And therefore we decided to publish a short story today. This one is a really good one, just like some great stories we have published over the past few years.

We had this guy in our college who used to be the ‘center of fun’ always.  People used to make jokes about him both in his presence and absence. That guy used to smile at us always. I asked him once, if all this, doesn’t hurt him in any way. Because he never used to complain nor seemed to feel bad. This was his answer:

Short stories with life lessons.
“I don’t have my father right from my 4th class. My mother is a maid and I have 2 little sisters. We had to go through lot of pain. I struggled so hard to achieve this.Things weren’t easy for me. But I some how managed to study in one of the top colleges in Hyderabad. These jokes you make of me, are just like a tiny drop in a large ocean of sorrow. They don’t bother me. I have more important things to do in my life. Sometimes , actually, I feel proud because I make all of you happy, I make you laugh, I bring out all the humour in you. Life is something more than this.”

4 years passed and he is now working in a well reputed company in Germany with almost 7-8 times our salary!!

Moral: You need pain in your life to succeed otherwise you will end up writing success stories of others.

Source: A wonderful short story by Anusha Sarma.

Here is a story of a young kid with great attitude.

Update May 17th 2016

We are in the process of updating our articles with some great small stories for kids. There are wide varieties of stories we can come up with but we will never come up with any scary stories for them.

This is for those people who requested us english short stories, we hope you love the story below.

Short Story on Life Problems

This is one of the classical english short stories we managed to find recently. The story will talk about how small our problems are when compared to our universe.


This will help you survive touch times with great confidence. This picture will help you to a great extent during hardship in your life. Plan to have it on your mobile if you wish to see good results. But before that, read on.

Are you wondering what that blue dot is? Well, if you are still wondering, then here is the news.

Your pet that died two years ago. Your first kiss. Your first laugh, and your first tears. Your heartbreaks, your knee breaks, your graduation, your failures and subsequent successes. All of that. All the History of the world you know of. All the triumphs, all the defeats. All the folklore and the witch-hunting stories.

Everything is in this Pale Blue Dot suspended in the sunbeam. This is the Earth.

That a picture taken by NASA, Voyager 1 which was launched by NASA in 1977. It was on its mission of wandering when the Philosopher – astronomer Carl Sagan asked the mission control to turn one of its cameras toward its originating source. And then we saw the Earth, from 6 billion Kilometers. It could be so hard, almost unfathomable, to imagine something so vast being so tiny. But that’s how it is.

Now, imagine. There are millions of galaxies in the observable universe. And in every galaxy, there are millions of stars and planetary systems. And in one of those beautiful galaxies, there is a star. Around that star, revolves a planet. In that planet, there are continents. Those continents have countries. The countries have states. The states have districts. The districts have areas. And in one of those areas, lives Emma Watson. In an area far away and cheaper, live you.

At the end of the day, you are too tiny to even matter to the universe. Your problems, your rejections, your fears and trepidation, are tiny mumbling in front of the Universe and its systems. If Earth is a dot, what are you?

So, screw methods of becoming confident. You get one small life of 100 odd years. Out of which you have lived the first 23 and you will not be able to live the last 23, as you will be a bed ridden, arthritis laden scum. You have few years. You have few moments.

Screw fear. You go ask that girl out. You get fit. You get money. You enjoy as much as you can. Don’t live the same day for the rest of your days. Ultimately, its about your joy and nothing else.


Image Source Story by Shubham Sharma.