Taking Inspiration from Insults – Short Story

Inspirational stories are a great way to ignite the power of “we can do it” or think big attitude. That’s the reason why we post numerous inspirational stories at Video Inspiration.

Today’s story is no special but people who have love for cars would probably love this one. So here is the story we are talking.

Once, there lived a boy in Italy named Ferrucio. Born to grape farmers in the Emilia-Romagna region, he was always more interested in the machines involved in farming rather than the activity itself. The family wasn’t exactly well off, but owing to his tremendous mechanical knowhow, he started manufacturing tractors; the business took off and made him a wealthy person indeed.

He was the owner of a Ferrari (amongst other cars) but noticed that Ferrari’s cars had inferior clutches, and he was also not too happy with their after sales service.

So one day, he went to Enzo Ferrari himself with the hope of bringing these flaws to the great man’s attention. However, Ferrari was too arrogant and said that he didn’t need “a tractor maker’s advice”, and turned him away.

This provided the motivation for Mr. Ferrucio to go one up on Ferrari, and to start his own automobile company, which exists even today; and if I may say so, is doing rather well too.

Oh, and before I forget, Ferrucio’s last name was Lamborghini and here is his picture below.

Ferrucio Lamborghini Ferrari story

The world may have never had the famous Lamborghini super cars that were to follow had Enzo Ferrari not answered Ferruccio’s complaints with “the problem is not with the car but with driver!” and went on to advise him to look after his tractors instead. For a mechanical genius and Italian, this kind of answer was not only insulting but an open challenge.

The fairy tail has come to a remarkably amazing end isn’t it. So always make an attempt to take inspiration from insults you face, they can do wonders!

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