Short Stories on Controlling Anger

Many people often upset their relationships with anger outburst. Few people express their anger with harsh words, manhandling and sometimes by stopping communication with each other.

While this is completely normal with most of the people around, one should know that its not a healthy way of living. After all everyone has just one life and gets only one chance to live. Here is a short story that will help you understand what it means to live a happy life and how.

A short story by a mother on controlling anger

I want to be the best mother I could ever be to my baby and this has made me work really hard to be more patient, more self-sacrificing and more caring. Yet, I had a really bad episode recently where I became a rather short-tempered and emotional mummy to my kiddo. Poor baby looked at me with frightened eyes and at that moment, my heart broke and I felt like I could never forgive myself. I can’t really describe how remorseful I felt, except that it was so painful to bear and I felt like I had committed a far worse crime than murder. Even as I am writing this, I am struggling really hard to contain my emotions and my guilt.

What Inspired Me:

The next day, I woke up and baby was his usual cheerful self. He had already forgotten and forgiven Mummy.

Babies don’t dwell. They move on.


The best thing I could do to be a more deserving mother to him would be to remember the lesson well and never to repeat it again.