Short Stories About Life – What Happens When You Die?

Few days earlier, we posted inspiring life stories and today we are here with yet another short story that will teach you what happens when you die. Well, its not a story actually but its just a kind of life lesson.

As soon as you die, your identity becomes a “Body”.

People use phrases like: “Bring the Body”, “Lower the Body in the Grave”, “Take the Body to the Grave yard”, etc…

People Don’t Even call you by your Name, whom you tried to Impress whole Life….

Live a Life to Impress the Creator not the Creation.

Spend time with people you love.

Take chances.

Tell the truth.

Learn to say NO.

Listen to your Heart.

Laugh till your stomach hurts.

Dance Even if u are too bad at it.

Be a child.

Moral: Death is not the greatest loss in life. Loss is when life dies inside u while u are alive.

Celebrate this event called LIFE. Live life; every day, every hour, every minute, every second and enjoy it. And when you enjoy life, you die with a smile on your face!

Short Stories About Life

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