She’s Got a Secret Weapon to Reach Troubled Youth

One would never guess that, Mel, a mother of seven, a sister, and an informal mentor to the younger ones around her was once a gangster and a drug addict. Life had dealt her a bad hand in her childhood. She never met her real parents and lost her grandparents when she was only ten.

Two stints for drug possession in jail have matured Mel considerably.

Now, she wants to help the at-risk youths avoid taking the path she led before. Her secret weapon to reach these youths?

Watch how she turned her life around.


A story by Our Better World – simple, powerful stories that will make your heart smile and spirit soar.

How You Can Help

Then support the group’s Indiegogo campaign and help them develop their potential in street dancing.

Produced, written and photographed by: Bernice Wong
Shot and edited by: Juliana Tan

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