Where is the Miraculous Secret Power of Human Beings Hidden?

Once, in heaven there was a discussion among the gods to decide where the miraculous secret power, the power by which man can achieve anything in this world was to be kept hidden.

One of the gods suggested that it could be kept hidden in the depths of the sea. Another said it could be buried on top of high mountains. The third one thought of a cave in the woods as the right place.

At last, the most intelligent among them said, ‘keep it in the depths of man’s mind. He will never suspect that the power is hidden there because right from his childhood, his mind is prone to wandering and he will not look within. Only the intelligent among them will look within, and use the power and become great.’ all gods agreed.

So, do you see that the difference between two people lies in their minds? One knows how to tap its power and the other does not. So, the truth expressed here is that in the depths of man’s mind lies hidden the miraculous power, using which one can become great.

~Swami Vivekananda

swami vivekanda.

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