That’s Roger Federer For You – The Inspiration

A few years after the fight in the 2009 Wimbledon final, the longest Grand Slam final (in terms of games played) till date.

Roddick to Federer: “Going to the locker room, I’m at my locker, being very emotional, breaking down – it was a heart breaking loss. And the thing that I remember is, your team coming in and you giving them like silent fist pounds and kind of giving them hugs, but it was in a very reserved manner because you’re taking into consideration that this was harder for me. Do you remember that moment at all?”

Federer to Roddick: ” The moment is probably tougher for you than it was happier for me. I think it’s so important to respect your fellow athletes and competitors. And I know how hard you’ve tried and how difficult it must be. Because unfortunately you can’t have it all. And that match…”

Roddick: But you can. You Selfish Bastard.

Federer: Sort of.. But seriously you deserve it so much and I just think that was a totally normal thing for me to do and nothing extraordinary.

Silent fist pounds and hugs after breaking the all-time Grand Slam record held by Pete Sampras. And calling that a normal gesture? Well, that’s Federer for you. 🙂

Source: Quora

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