Problem Solving Skills for Fresh Graduates in Corporate Companies

It was 22nd August 2014; I happened to travel to my office with some of the fresh engineering graduates who were recently recruited by our company. I felt alone and wanted to talk with them; But I somehow managed to find that they were not in a good mood to talk. For some reason they were nervous and not happy.

After sometime, I talked to one of them and I found that they were really tensed about an exam. In our organization, the fresh engineering graduates are forced to attend an examination after the initial training and the results determine the technology they were allowed to work in; this process happens with many other companies too.

Few of the fresh graduates looked worried. I talked to them and the reason I found for their worried faces is that they want to top the exam so that they could get the technology they wanted (iOS or Android) to work with. It looked to me that they were looking at it in the perspective of status!

They felt like choosing iOS or android development would help them earn more money. And their feelings clearly represent their intensions. They somehow felt that earning more money would obviously raise their status. So I felt there was a need for me to keep them calm to make them look less stressed. And that’s why I decided to talk to them (about problem solving skills) to inspire them before they write the exam.

The first things I said was the first lines of Swami Vivekananda’s sayings on youth of India.  And here is how I started.

My Speech:

I have faith in my country, and especially in the youth of my country. ~Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda is the man who introduced the Indian nation; its culture and tradition to the United States in his talk at Chicago in 1893. And remember, he had no money to buy food or to buy other resources he needed in those days. He had to beg all the day to get the food! However, the noble man had great knowledge and understanding of his nation. Such a great and humble man was chosen to represent India in that world conference held in the United States.

Now tell me, how do you define status? Is it money that defines the meaning of status? If you ask me, I would definitely say NO. Today is different though! It was because of the greed and intolerance of people money has significantly moved to the top of the list, but in those days money had no respect.

People were born to be loved and money was created to be used. But, greed has poisoned men’s soles; it was because of that greed, men started using people and started loving money.

The noble man (Swami Vivekanda’s) speech at the international conference (1893 Parliament of the World Religions) stands as a perfect example of what I said earlier. Status is something that you should attain with your character, good words and noble deeds but not with money.

If you have the character to take things in a positive perspective then you would obviously build a better world, which will further enhance the progress of human race for the good and better.

Problem Solving in Corporate Companies:

Everybody have problems. Right now your problem was your exam, and I think it was silly, my problem was my project work and my project manager thinks that my problem was silly, my managers problem was something related to his project and someone thinks that his problem was silly and this cycle goes on.

Problems are everywhere! The real problem is not the problem itself; the real problem is your attitude towards the problem.

Just imagine…

What would happen if you hold a 1 Kilogram weight with your right hand for one minute?

Nothing would change much. Right?

But what if I told you to hold the same weight (1 Kilo Gram) for one hour?

You would, you should feel the pain.

Imagine what if you hold the same weight for one full day?

Obviously, you would lose your sleep, energy and most probably you would end up with heavy pain by the time you are done doing all this! Right?

Now, holding a weight on your right hand is just like holding a problem on your mind. The longer you hold it, the longer you feel the mental pain and pressure.

So what do we do?

Again, as I said, your attitude makes all the difference. If you have a problem, makes sure it’s not getting too much into your mind.

What would you do, if your hand starts to give you pain after carrying it for 10 minutes, you would most naturally keep the weight down, right?

That’s exactly what you have to do with the problem. Just keep it away from your mind, but make sure that it was there! The best possible way you can do this is to add the problem into your TODO list and make an attempt to get on with other work in hand.

And trust me, if you give some time to yourself, you definitely feel safe and better. You can later work on with the problem and fix it. Or you can also get external help to fix the problem.

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