A Story on Positive Thinking

It is story time at Video Inspiration, and today’s story is all about positive thinking. We had the privilege of posting couple of wonderful articles last week (this and this one).

Vijayraj Kamat, wrote this wonderful answer on quora and here comes the story.

I am sitting in front alongside the driver driving on the famous Michigan Avenue towards the loop. He is a black guy in his 50s, wearing a brown hat, and black sunglasses. I could not help noticing how amazingly smooth his driving was, his braking at the stop signs, without being too slow.

As we were cruising swiftly, suddenly a lady stepped onto the road though there was no pedestrian crossing allowed there. (Mind you, this is extremely rare in the US)

I immediately thought – “What the $#$#@%$!! Is she blind?????” And was expecting a reciprocal sarcastic comment from him as well. I can never forget his response.

He quickly and calmly slowed down on time, then regained speed. Smiled and exclaimed.

“Poor lady. She looked lost. Something must be really bothering her today. I hope she feels better soon”

It was like pouring a bucket of cold water on my head. It was the shortest and deepest lesson on how everything is just a matter of perspective. He could have been absolutely right, not just ‘too nice’. But I simply reacted out of my negativity. Today whenever I do manage to pause before over-reacting emotionally, I always think that experience has to do something with it.

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