New Year Wishes Better Than Resolutions

The year 2014 is coming to a close. And as we welcome a new year, most of us are makings lists of what we want for ourselves and our loves ones. Many people male New Year resolutions but by February they are back to their old ways.

There are many reasons why making resolutions do not work. Lack of will, focus and determination are just some of them. If you want to have real change for 2015 then maybe you should look for a better method of transforming yourself.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If resolutions have not worked for you in the past then maybe you should simply stop making them.

There is one theory on why New Year resolutions do not work. This is because they feel imposed. People have a natural barrier to things that they feel are imposed on them. One more thing, resolutions also require willpower. If you don’t have enough willpower in the first place, then you are bound to fail in keeping resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions, it is better to simply have New Year wishes. When we make resolutions we feel that we are being deprived most of the time and that we have to climb a proverbial mountain to make positive changes in our lives. But when we make wishes, the effect on the psyche is more positive hence the psychological resistance from people is also less. So here is a happy new year wishes video we created recently for you the upcoming new year 2015.

The best thing about wishes is that they focus on results, on the end product. Resolutions on the other hand focus on the process. It is always pleasant to think of what we want to achieve rather than direct our thought to the work that is needed to get what we want. When you focus on the end results you get excited and energized. When you focus on results, you also welcome the possibility of other ways to achieve what you want apart from the one that you have set your mind to do. In other words, New Year wishes 2015 bring flexibility in ways that resolutions do not.

So for the coming 2015, make happy New Year wishes for yourself. Sure, you will also need to think of how to achieve those goals but do not be stuck with the process. You can start making three New Year wishes and be your own genie. Make your wishes as exciting as possible. Let your imagination soar. Allow yourself to daydream at this time of the year. The more exciting your wishes are the more excited you will be in trying to achieve them.

Happy new year 2015 wishes

Again, do not think of how you will achieve those goals. The important thing right now is to for you to determine what you really want from life. And as you think of your wishes, you should couple your visualization with positive feelings.

After you have made New Year wishes for yourself, you can start making Happy New Year wishes 2015 for other people. Think of others in a good way and believe that there is a way for all people to get what they want.

Check out our new year greetings we created recently.

Happy new year 2015

And the following is perhaps our best new happy year video greeting. We hope you like it.

Happy New Year

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