Music for Corporate Videos, Events & Presentations

Finding good music for corporate videos, events and presentations is critically important for almost any corporate video production company. Detecting and using a descent music track on a corporate video can not only be an overwhelming task but also involves some risk. We’ve often heard people saying that their corporate videos had been removed by YouTube because of the copyright claims.

NOTE: Feel free to checkout our collection of copyright free instrumental music tracks that we use in some of our projects.

Copyright Free Music for Youtube

YouTube started filtering videos and removing them from their index if the company finds the audio track used in the video to be a copyrighted material. When the video gets removed from their index you are most likely to get a copyright strike which is not at all good for your YouTube account, particularly if you are managing a corporate YouTube channel. A single copyright strike means that you are at risk, a double strike means that you are at high risk and a triple strike gets your account suspended.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is buy copyright free music and use those tracks on your corporate videos or presentations. This article will talk a little bit about copyrighted music and point out some cool royalty free music we found useful. You can purchase tracks for a very low price and use them for your corporate projects.

Understanding Copyrighted Music

You might have noticed that many movies use copyrighted music from singers and music production companies. But before the movie production company use the music, the producers of the movie pay a huge amount of cash to the music production company and get a written license to use the music in their music. Now that’s a good way of using the music. Therefore you should understand that it is not legal to use any music taken from any movies on your personal or corporate projects without taking proper permissions (written license) from the original producer of the music.

Tracks from iTunes

Purchasing music from iTunes or other similar market place websites is not a legal way of getting music to be used in any corporate projects. Music purchased from iTunes is only limited for personal use.

Buying or Purchasing Music for Corporate Videos, Events & Presentations

One way of getting music for your corporate videos is to hire a group of music professionals to record a music track for you. But perhaps the best way is to purchase music from different online music stores who sell royalty free music. Here is a list of some great music tracks we found really cool and ofcouse you might find them useful too, so why don’t you check them out.

1 – My Elegant Redemption

A track that begins with very soft music and transforms over time. Starting with solo piano and then brings some positive emotions and grows into a thundering anthem of triumph and victory. This is a very unique music track with a very unique soft beginning and seriously spectacular epic ending.

2 – Cloud

An uplifting soft audio track with motivational pop rock mix along with orchestral elements that brings up strong positive emotions and builds confidence.

3 – Motivate My Soul

A fairly new audio track compared to the other two tracks mentioned above. The 149 seconds audio track provokes whole lot of emotions like motivation, joy, optimism and inspiration. We might probably use this wonderful track in one of my future projects.

4 – This Is How You Advertise!

This is a wonderful audio track that has a mixture of whole lot of different musical elements that literally makes you get up and dance. The audio suits perfectly well for event promotion or presentation introduction.

5 – Warm Summer

Surprisingly relaxing music track featuring  acoustic guitar and piano. The track comes with three different flavors which includes two 139 second versions and one 60 second version. This is one of the simplest of audio tracks you will find around.

6 – Inspiration Not available.

Inspiration is perhaps the last one in our list right now but this one is certainly not the least.  This motivational and inspiring track features instruments like  piano, strings, bass, ambient synths, drums and light percussion. You can use this for tv commercials, new product promotion or even in corporate videos, events and presentations. A very simple track that can easily inspire your audience and get the job done.

So, that ends the list for today and we might update this list sometime later this month. If you have a audio track that you wish to feature on this list, do contact us, we always have some room for some great music.

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