7 Things Your Mother Never Told You

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We’ve been publishing great collection of motivational videos but none of them is as great as one of the videos mentioned below.

Every mother around the world is a shining example of selflessness, compassion, devotion and love.

The video is embedded below you can find it as you go on reading 7 things your mother never told you.

You made her cry…a lot.

Yes, you made her cry when she found out she was pregnant. That’s not all. You made her when she gave birth to you. She cried when she first held you. She cried with happiness and also with fear. When ever she felt your pain or happiness, she shared it with you.

She was always afraid.

Her heart skipped two beats with your first steps. She stayed up late to make sure you got home safe, and woke up early to see you off to school.

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She watched you as you slept.


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She carried you a lot longer than nine months.


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It broke her heart every time you cried.


She put you first.

She would do it all again.

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