This Part of My Life is Called Happiness

A glorious scene from the movie – “pursuit of happiness”. The full movie is right below the first video.

Best things in life will never come easily. You should deserve every bit of it to achieve your dream, you might have to struggle at times but at end of the day, success matters and nothing beats that feeling when you have worked so hard to get something and you succeed!

Pursuit of Happiness – Full Movie (The video starts with our favorite scene in the movie but you can always drag the timeline pointer to the beginning of the video to watch the movie from the beginning.)

Idea: Siddhartha Thota

Update 19th Nov 2013

The following video is not available for few/all due to some copyright issues. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. You can browse through our archives for more inspirational videos. This one here; funny motivational video collection is a good place to start.

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