Leicester City FC’s Inspiring Story

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Today, we will tell you a story like no other.

A story of confidence, a story of patience, a story of fighting spirit, a story of never give up attitude to make the impossible dream possible.

A very inspiring story of Leicester City FC that will inspire generations ahead. A story that will be told again and again until football is played on this planet. This is perhaps one of the greatest sporting stories ever told and its the story of a club team who had 5000:1 ration of winning a title.

Leicester City FC’s Inspiring Story

Claudio Ranieri the Man Behind Leicester City.

No story can be told without some moments of inspiration in it. Leicester City had some wonderful moments too. Claudio Ranieri, scripted the story and his men, James Vardy in particular made all the dream come true for Ranieri. Watch the wonderful leicester city moments below.

He scored in the 6th game in a row and its game on. Jamie Vardy he is on fire. They have comeback from behind again.

I can’t believe in this team, we have a great spirit, we can loose but its important to fight. ~Claudio Ranieri

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