Instrumental Music for Corporate Videos – Inspirational Tracks

Once in a while we make our own set of inspirationalvideos and people often ask us about the instrumental music used for videos from our creation. Typically, we use royalty free music that we purchase from the Internet. So here are some of the most inspiring instrumental music we have come across in the recent past. Please note that none of the inspirational tracks mentioned here are free to use. However, for corporate use, it is recommended that you purchase the license.

Inspiring Instrumental Music

Update: 25th JAN 2014

1 (a) – Inspirational Piano – (inspiring instrumental music – latest)

I started working on a new project (Steve jobs inspiring speech, the video is embedded above) earlier this week and the project demanded a very good inspirational yet very simple audio track. And that’s when I found the one mentioned above. Believe or not, this track just astonished me. I was totally mesmerized by the simplicity of the song. I highly recommend to get it if you are working on a very delicate project.

1.1 (a) – Acoustic Guitar (Not available now!) (Inspirational guitar music, used in our latest video. )

After the success of steve jobs inspirational speech, we created yet another inspiring steve jobs video. This one has much better audio track and text effects too. Acoustic guitar is the audio track used for this video and you can find the download link above. A 200 second soft piece of music with warm piano, sweeping strings and strumming guitar. A sensational slow yet uplifting track that can be used in various projects.

Update: 2nd March 2014

1 (b) – Inspiring Dreams  – (latest)
If music is magic, then this is the best magic we have for you (for this month), right here, right now! We can’t prove our statement unless and until you play it. So why don’t you go ahead and play this inspirational music. We are sure you will like it, if you have some time to listen and enjoy its beauty.

Discussed more about the track below.
1 (c) – Inspiration  – (latest)
Now this is the second inspirational instrumental music track we have managed to find for you guys early this month. We hope you have some more time to check this one as well as the rest of the music listed below.

Discussed more about the track below.

Motivational and Inspirational Music

1 (d) – Live My Life (Updated tracks below)

Live my life is one of the most widely sold audio track and is also one of our personal favorite! A joyful track with uplifting music that features instruments like piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin. This track has just everything to be featured in a corporate video.

2 – Your Little Planet Corp

Our second most favorite music track in this list is here! This track has good number of vibes, fresh melodies and very happy clapping that can easily bring up a happy mood. A perfect track that can be used for almost any corporate video.

3 – One Giant Leap

The above track is one of the finest track we have come across a while back. The track has a very fine mixture of Intro & that introduces the main > melody > introduction to the electric guitars > first refrain > first verse > second refrain > bridge > Last extended refrain and an outro to finish things off.

4 – In the Moment of Inspiration (A feel good track)

The track in our collection is an inspiring, emotionally exceptional music track that can relax your minds in the very few seconds you play it. This is one of the top seller in the category of inspiration music tracks.

So, we have managed to find the music track used on a video here. You can listen to the song right from the video below. If you like the music, you can get the license from the link above. Check out the moment of inspiration in action.

5 – Inspired

So, we have made it easy for you to check the audio. The following video uses the track “Inspired” and in case if you believe that this track can inspire your project, then you can get the license by visiting the link mentioned above. Checkout inspired audio track in action.

The one is perhaps the final track in our collection right now (we shall update this post with more tracks in the future) is an instrumental track driven by strummed acoustic guitar and ukulele. This happy tune gives you nice and pleasant feel. This simple melody can inspire people to go out there and do something really cool.

instrumental music

Update: 24th Oct 2013

Inspiring Instrumental Music

6 –  And So It Goes

A simple breezy acoustic track featuring acoustic guitar music. A slow music track has has amazing feel and can create wonderful vibe. One of the coolest track we found in the recent past.

We have added few more tracks in our collection and some of them are here (Inspiring Instrumental Music). We shall add many more audio tracks in the future, so stay tuned.

Update 29 Oct 2013:

7 –  Timeless

An inspiring orchestral piece which has an uplifting feel with shimmering bells and sweeping phrases! We are going to use this track in one of our projects.

8 – School

A bright piano melody with a very clean airy pads, strings and a bassline. We are planning to use this track on one of our projects!

Update 22 Jan 2014: New Instrumental Music Collection

We have added more inspirational tracks to our audio collection in one of our latest articles. You can find those tracks here. The music available there can be used on different kind of videos. For instance, those tracks can be used on videos linked to corporate events and presentations. Corporate companies are also using instrumental music as background music to create videos for business powerpoint ppt presentations, business plans and business proposals too ( we have also created business presentation video for our client and you can check it out here!).

We have listed 6 professional instrumental music tracks in our latest instrumental music collection (link mentioned above and we may have added more tracks by the time you check the link). We have also used some of those tracks in some of our projects earlier this year, and we are totally happy with them. So make sure to check them out; and be sure to let us know if you find them useful.

Update: Feb 23 2014

9 – Destiny.

Its been a while since we upated this inspirational music list, so we planned to make a cool and updated list. Starting with this fantastic track called Destiny.

A track that invokes hope and inspires you real quick. This one has whole lot elements with fabulous strings combined with piano and a satisfying build up to a confident groove. A beautiful and a very creative choice to use this track on your commercial videos, ppt powerpoint presentations and also on your motivational projects.

You can listen to the audio right below and check the license for Destiny here.

1 (b) – Inspiring Dreams (The link is at the top)

So finally we kept our promise (sorry for being late for one day), this is the latest update we have for you for the month of march. And ya, there are more coming up. Talking a little bit more about this audio track; we believe that it has complete potential to touch millions hearts or maybe more! An emotionally uplifting track with lot of cinematic piano, acoustic guitar music combined with lost more effects to give it a prefect full orchestra touches.

The music ends with a feeling of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction, which is perhaps the best way to finish any music track or a video. Any inspirational audio track that is created to inspire should have finishing just like this one. A perfect finish.

And coming to the usage, you can use this inspirational music on any business videos, service related videos, presentation videos for business or even charity videos. We believe that this music track is worth giving it a try on your upcoming project.

1 (c) – Inspiration (The link is at the top)

Now, let’s get into more details of this track. A very pleasant and catch melody that comes with a very clam and almost perfect beginning. A soft music combined with claps in the background gave this track an almost perfect start. As you would expect, the momentum goes on as the audio shows its true flavor starting from the 18th second until the very second of the track. A perfect music that used electric guitar, piano and strings in just sufficient amount to produce a phenomenal melody.

The 126 second audio track can be used in wide variety of projects. However, we feel that this track suits best for corporate videos and also for any service oriented projects. You can also use this audio on advertisements related video for your brand.

So, that’s all we have for now, but we will update this list again and again soon or later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And you can use our contact page to ask any questions that you have in your mind.

Update 3rd March 2014: We always felt that this page here is the best place to find some good instrumental music for all kinds of projects. But the problem was that all these tracks are not sorted in the order of purpose and best use case. Therefore, we are taking some time to update this page with more inspirational music tracks separated by categories. And here we are with collection of background music for presentation projects. We are also planning to have a detailed list of tracks very soon. So until then, check these tracks below.

Background music for business presentation

12 – Business Backgrounds – Get License!

Perhaps this background music here is one of the best instrumental music you can find for your business presentation. A very light music that can create uplifting energetic feel and positive mindset. The track comes with 3 versions (one full version followed by short looped version and then followed by logo version.).

The audio features (acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bells, live bass) and has certainly created emotions, from motivational to dreaming. You can use this on any business presentation as a background music or on any commercial videos, corporate advertising videos or gaming commercials.

Best Inspirational Inspirational Music (Update: 24/03/2014)

The inspirational, sometimes also called motivational music list mentioned below is our best collection for this month. We shall update the list as soon as we find more inspiring tracks around.

#1 – Inspire

#2 – Larger than Life

This is one those casual updates that happen to this page. You can also move on and listen to the rest of the music list below, we have some amazingly fantastic music tracks below as well. So do check them out and let us know if you find this list useful.

Update: 14th November 2014

So, recently we started working on a new video Wedding invitation project like this one. And as usual its a custom to select the right audio track before start making the actual video.

So we came across these wonderful inspirational tracks. Now these tracks are a bit different from the power point presentation tracks these are best suited for birthday greetings, or wedding invitations.

NOTE: We are updating this post on a regular basis. Updated audio tracks are most often published at the beginning of the article. Sometimes, even in the middle of the article. So, make sure to check all the audio tracks we have published. Those tracks are the best of the many tracks we have listened.

If you have a music track that you think is really cool, and you want to see it here on this list, then please contact us. If the track you submit gets shortlisted then we will be more than happy to include it on this list. We (along with you) wish to see your inspirational music track on this list. Send in your entries now.