Background Instrumental Music for Business Presentations

Instrumental music for business presentations

Business presentations need to be properly handled and organized in order to be successful and provide value to all attendants. To enhance the presentation experiences, many companies use background instrumental music for business presentations to create a relaxing environment, yet engaging atmosphere, enabling the audience to focus on what is being said and presented either by spoken words or virtual (PowerPoint) presentations.

There are several benefits of using background instrumental music during business presentations. Since these activities are meant to engage the attendants in debates and enhance their interest, instrumental music can enhance this effect on their behavior. Therefore, they will be able to relax while comprehending the information and all details that are being presented.

Furthermore, instrumental music can determine attendants to become more open-minded to the ideas that are presented, particularly if they approach new or innovative topics or other similar concepts. Consequently, the entire business presentation project will transform into an excellent learning method that will address audience’s existent knowledge, enriching it.

Popular Background Instrumental Music for Business Presentations

1 – Inspirational Corporate – produced by SkyProductions, is an uplifting, professional background instrumental music piece that is ideal for motivational and engaging business presentations that aim to provide attendants with new ideas. This music piece is created using several instruments that include guitar and bells (from 0:17), with a short pause at 0:31, becoming extremely rhythmic and energetic at 0:33 again. The rhythm is extremely suited for those business presentations that can present new ideas, business plans, products or other similar concepts to both employees and customers. With a length of 2:40, this instrumental music piece can be prolonged as much as needed without getting noticed. Furthermore, Inspirational Content has an average rating of five stars based on three reviews.
2 – Freedom by SilverHoof is listed as the second best instrumental music piece, with three ratings of five stars out of five each. The rhythm is generally melodic and dynamic, which will suit mostly those business presentations that will present information lively, engaging attendants and arousing their interest at the same time. The instruments that were used for creating this music piece are piano, guitar, piccolo flutes, strings and several others. The length of Freedom is 2:31 minutes, and it is retailed at only $17. The main topics of the business presentations this instrumental music piece can be used for include personal growth, innovative discoveries, deep feelings, television intros, career and purpose, managing change in a fast-paced environment and several others.
3 – Source of Inspiration is a background music for presentation created by SilverHoof, coming with a soft, gentle rhythm for business companies that want to provide explicit information regarding topics, ideas, and much more. When played in the background, Source of Inspiration is rather slow in rhythm, which makes it suited for those business presentations that focus on cognitive information and less on advertising or marketing strategies, which are usually more engaging. The track has been rated with five stars three times, and it has 2:10 in length. Moreover, business presentations that use it can be accompanied by corresponding pictures in order to deliver a better experience to all attendants and make the entire presentation more comprehensible.

Instrumental music for business presentations

Instrumental Music Business Presentations

4 – Pure Ambient, created by Skanoir, is a slow, peaceful background music for presentation that is very good for those businesses who want to introduce new products, ideas or explains various concepts to new or existent employees. The track is loop-able and has 4:23 minutes in length, with an average rating of five stars out of five, based on three ratings. Available to buy at 17 dollars, this track is good even for businesses who want to advertise their products or engage employees in discussions or debates based on a wide array of topics. However, this instrumental music piece is not as good for dynamic presentations that intend to introduce new products and present specific features.
5 – Relaxing Pack by plastic3 is a newly released background music for presentation that aims to help business owners present their products or ideas in a friendly, yet professional environment that can offer value to the audience. There are four tracks included (Forgotten Paradise, Days Go By, Leaves in the World and Rise), and the entire pack has a length of 12:54 minutes. Every track can be used individually if needed, for different business presentations, so that all business owners who want to present products, ideas or explain concepts will be able to engage the audience efficiently. The Relaxing Pack has been rated four time with five stars out of five, and it can be purchased for $24.
6 – Corporate Advertising Pack is produced by plastic3 and includes twelve different audio tracks for those business owners who want to purchase it. The rhythm is energetic, dynamic and can easily captivate audience’s attention, contributing to providing messages efficiently and assuredly. Several instruments were used for creating these tracks (live bass, electric guitar, acoustic piano and violins), which makes this background music for presentation very suited for a wide array of purposes. Each of the twelve tracks can be used separately or played consecutively in order to maintain the atmosphere extremely engaging and interesting for all attendants.

7 – 5 Seconds, a background music for presentation, has been produced by Musicant, a reliable, exclusive author. The track is melodious and very fitted for different types of business presentations, enabling introducers to gain their attendants attention very fast and deliver their message with ease. The track is good for any presentation, whether we talk about introducing a new product, a new idea, a marketing strategy or explaining concepts and tactics to employees or managers. The average rating is five stars, based on a total of three reviews, and the track is priced at $17. If you want gentle audio track that can be used any time you desire, then 5 Seconds will be the best you need.

Other good options you can try are Tornado, created by FlinTwin and retailed at $17, Inevitability, produced by James-Lee-Grey and priced at $17, Upbeat, produced by SilverHoof and retailed at $17 (which is ideal for business presentations that center women and similar concepts), as well as Grand Opening by SoundUnlimited, Evolution by pmwa and Travel by SilverHoof.

We hope you really liked the list of tracks we mentioned above. From all the tracks mentioned above, if you are not happy with any of the instrumental music for business presentation then you can also choose the audio tracks from our audio tracks for corporate video collection or peaceful instrumental music collection. Both the music collections are equally good we believe that they are worth your time.

So that’s all we have for you this time. We will be back with more audio tracks after a while.