Inspiring Story of an Inspiring Astronaut

Yes, I am serious sir!’ she said in all excitement. She was sitting in front of the college principal on the admission day. The college was in a distant town and was far from her small village.

‘I see you are excited,’ Principal began in a calm voice. ‘But you must understand that it’s not usual here. Your academic performance is great, pick whichever stream you want, but why this one?’

‘Sir,’ she responded in her calm voice. ‘I dreamed this! I want to do this! I know I can and ever since I knew what I loved this, I wanted to live this!’

‘But you will be alone! Do not expect other girls to join you! Which girl does this course? This stream is a monopoly of boys,’

‘Tell me one thing Sir, why should I curb my dream just because I am a girl? And do I look like a normal girl to you? I know making my dream into a reality isn’t that improbable. Give me a chance and I will prove my worth.’ she replied. Her voice was firm.

Principal knew that moment, that she was more than the boy-cut hair and jeans. He felt like he was being interviewed by that 18 year old petite girl. She had the will to survive and sheer determination to win. He looked deep into her eyes and they were sparkling with confidence.
He sighed.

‘So you are not accepting other choices, are you?’ he asked.
‘My fate accepts my will. Not the other way around.’ She said smiling.
Her voice echoed the hall.

‘What was your name again?’ Principal asked her while he looked into the admission form.
She knew she had convinced him. Her joy knew no bounds then. In a voice filled with enthusiasm, she replied.

‘Ms. Kalpana Chawla, sir.’

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