Inspiring Real Life Stories

Inspiring real life stories is our latest initiatives that can help people find inspiring real life stories around. We have started collecting great stories of inspiring people around and we should come up with a full length story very soon. So, here is our first story.


Abdi Kasih means dedication of love. Dedication with love for the mentally handicapped children says Ibu Lenni the force behind abdi Kasih. She also says..

I hope and I’m, I’m sure God will help, will help us, Will help these children. If I think of these children I always have to cry. And I’m sure about that. Because all the time when I’m very down, God helps me. God never, never put me down.

Watch the video below to know more about Abdi Kasih.

Abdi Kasih accepts donating materials, time, knowledge or funds. Contact them using the phone number: +62614576625

Update 29th Jan 2014

# STORY 2:

Todays update is about a great man who showed immense courage in pain and adversity, a man who was imprisoned 27 years for fighting inequality between people. Here is the inspiring life story of a great man, a man who brought highest dignity and honor to all Africans – Nelso Mandela!

In the mean while, if you can spare some more time, you can also check some of our best video collection from our youtube channel.

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