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We love inspiring kids. Kids who inspire with their actions, or kids who deliver an inspiring speech. We remember watching a video, where a kid explains why he doesn’t want to eat an octopus. That was one amazing video that you should never miss (we will share that to you in a while). And there are many other videos we like where kids inspire everybody. This post is dedicated to have all such videos at one place. Most of these inspiring kids videos are from youtube and we might get few more later on. So, here is the collection for you.

Inspiring Kids Videos

The first of our list is a video from a 13 year-old Logan LaPlante (as of 2013) who talked at a ted conference about what he wants to be when he grow up. And this is what he says at the end …

I know what I might want to do when I grow up, but if you ask me what do I want to be when I grow up? I’ll always know that I want to be happy.

This is a must watch video and thanks “Natanael Coman” for suggesting this video! We really appreciate people who help us find great inspirational videos. Thanks man.

The second in our collection is a video called “Sometimes Children Inspire Teachers”. An advert with an inspiring letter that reads …

How tired I am of this unbearable distance between us. How I long for the toll of the recess bell. Have you forgotten me? Grown mindless of me? Tell me I am not writing into an abyss. Or that is what will become of my heart.

And here is the video!

The third of our collection and our most favorite. A very inspiring conversation between the little kid luiz antonio and his mother. This smart kid surely touched his mother with some inspiring words who ended in tears after the conversation. The transcription of the conversation is right below the video.

Luiz: That’s ok?

Mom: Ok.

Mom: Now, eat your octopus gnocchi.

Luiz: Ok mom, alright…

Luiz: …This octopus isn’t real, right?

Mom: No.

Luiz: Then alright…

Luiz: He doesn’t speak, and he doesn’t have a head, right?

Mom: He doesn’t have a head. These are only the chopped little legs of the octopus.

Luiz: Huh?! But…is he head in the sea?

Mom: His head is at the fish market.

Luiz: …The man…chopped it? Like this? [sawing motion]

Mom: Yes he did.

Luiz: Why?

Mom: So we can eat it! Otherwise, we’d have to swallow it all.

Luiz: …But why?

Mom: So we can eat it, love. Just like a cow is chopped, a chicken is chopped…

Luiz: Huh? A chicken! No, nobody eats chickens!

Mom: Nobody eats chicken?

Luiz: No…those are animals!

Mom: Really?

Luiz: Yeah!

Mom: So let’s eat the gnocchi. Eat the potato, then?

Luiz: umm…just the potato and just the rice.

Mom: Ok…

Luiz: Octopus are animals…

Mom: Alright.

Luiz: All of them are animals…

Luiz: Fish are animals…

Luiz: Octopus are animals…

Luiz: Chicken are animals…

Luiz: Cows are animals…

Luiz: Pigs are animals…

Mom: —Yes…

Luiz: So! …When we eat animals, they die!

Mom: Ah…yes.

Luiz: But why?

Mom: So we can eat, love.

Luiz: But why do they die?

Luiz: I don’t like that they die…

Luiz: I like that they stay standing up.

Mom: Ok. Alright. So we’re not gonna eat it anymore, ok?

Luiz: Ok!

Luiz: These animals…you gotta take care of them…and not eat them!

Mom: [quiet, then laughing tenderly] You’re right, son. So, eat the potato and the rice.

Luiz: Alright…Why are you crying?

Mom: I’m not crying…I’m just touched by you.

Luiz: I can see a water coming out.

Mom: [laughing tearfully] Eat. No need to eat the octopus, alright?

Luiz: Ok!

So, that ends the list of videos for now. We will surely add more inspiring kids videos to this list. Make sure to subscribe to us to get more inspirational videos delivered right to your email box when ever we update his blog. So, until next time, it’s good bye for us.