Inspirational Music and Some Most Inspiring Songs

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In this ever-changing world full of demands, responsibilities and obligations, life can get tiresome and draining or even stressful. If there is one thing that unites people, it is food, sports and music. We all have that playlist in our gadgets that is nothing but inspirational music to get us through the day or uplift our spirits during those tough times that hold us down. Inspirational music is usually misconstrued as religious music – we can safely say that these do fall in this category but there are many more neutral’ tunes out there that are bound to keep us pushing forward one more day.

It is actually rare to find songs in the 21st Century that are not about going to the club, girls, money, fame and twerking’. But in every heap of junk, you are bound to find a few gems to keep your spirits high. It is important to note that these songs have been performed by young and celebrated artistes who have had their fair share of challenges, hence inspiring this inspirational music playlist. These are 7 of the most inspirational songs of the 21st Century (I feel 7 is a lucky number). Feel free to comment below on some of your 21st Century inspiration music anthems.

  1. Conqueror – Estelle featuring Jussie Smollet (Empire Soundtrack)

You might fall on your face, but you gotta get up!’

This is one of the most inspirational quotes in this song from the latter episodes of Fox’s hit show, Empire’. British songstress Estelle and Jussie Jamal’ Smollet belt out this tune and definitely get us inspired to face the obstacles in our way. This is for those that have a dream that people will tend to brush off and will wait to see you fail, but you have to keep on trying until you achieve your dream.

  1. Little Me – Little Mix

You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be’.

Many at times we look back on our youth and we wish we knew some of the things we know now. This song from X-Factor winners, Little Mix, is all about channeling the younger you and telling her (or him) to not be afraid, to speak up and strive to achieve anything they want to be. The video has snippets of girls of various ages sharing their dreams and goals (quite cute actually). This is actually the perfect song for any parent to dedicate to their kids and encourage them to be the best they can be and not to be afraid. We have officially been schooled about life by minors.

  1. Superheroes – The Script

When you have been fighting for it all your life, you have been struggling to make things right, that is how a superhero learns to fly’

These Irish pop-rock icons have been in the game since 2001 and are not showing signs of slowing down. While some may say that their hit Hall of Fame’ is the pop-rock go-getter anthem, I believe that Superheroes’ is one of their most inspiring songs yet. Shot in culture-rich South Africa, it is a song that leaks of inspirational quotes to keep anyone feeling down or failed going. The band considers this song a tribute to the world’s unsung heroes’. Not everyone’s efforts in the world are rewarded in front of millions of people, but this is a fitting song to celebrate us all.

  1. Legendary – DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo

Oh I cannot imagine if I, went through nothing, I would not be a fighter and I would not last the longest’

Yes, hip hop has one of those 21st Century gems we can consider inspirational music. This is one of the lesser known songs from Pakistani- American hip hop music legend, DJ Khaled, who brought on board some of the most phenomenal voices in the R&B world to carry this song to the next level. The song basically encourages everyone to see their falls as stepping stones to something greater. The song has a very uplifting tune and with those voices will have you wanting to fight through the adversity in life and aim to be legendary’.

  1. Waving Flag – K’Naan/Various Artistes

When I get Older, I will be Stronger, They will call me Freedom, Just like a Waving Flag’

We currently live in a world of conflict and unrest, but we believe that one day it will all get better and a new breed of leaders will rise and make this world a better place. This song was originally done by Somalia-born, Canada raised K’naan and has since then been used for humanitarian efforts after the Haiti devastation a few years ago, and was also the theme song for Coca-cola Open Happiness’ campaign (around the time of the 2010 World Cup). The song is all about accepting that there is trouble all around us, but we will experience freedom one day, just like… a waving flag.

  1. You raised me up – Josh Groban/Westlife

You raised me up, so I can stand on mountains…I am strong when I am on your shoulders’

This is one of the highest selling songs from both these artistes in the US and UK respectively. The song is all about celebrating someone, be it human or spiritual deity, who has raised you up whenever you feel weary, downtrodden or unable to go further. This is definitely one of the more spiritual songs in the inspirational music catalog. And, come on, the voices that belt out this song are quite angelic, I must say.

  1. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper’

Disney alumni Demi Lovato’ has had her fair share of trials what with the drug addiction and eating disorders. But she fought through it and turned out to be one of the best songstresses and X Factor’ judges of our time. This song is all about challenging those that want to put you down and try to destroy you and letting them know that even when they try to tear you down, you will definitely fight through and rise like a skyscraper. The video is quite simple and shows Demi’s raw emotions as she tears through this beautiful song.