3 Cool Inspirational Instrumental Music – 2014 New UPLIFTING Collection

Last year, we posted some cool inspirational instrumental music uplifting collection on this blog. It looks like people liked the collection. Lately, we got few emails from people asking us to update the list. Well, we couldn’t update that list; but we have decided to create a new list instead. We also want to include the audio track used in our latest steve jobs inspirational speech video which was posted on our video inspiration youtube channel last week. Make sure to check our new collection and give us some feedback.

Cool Inspirational Instrumental Music – 2014 New Collection

Acoustic Guitar: Not available!

Acoustic guitar is one of the best tracks we have managed to find out this year. A very inspiring soft piece music which has a great mixture of warm piano, sweeping strings and strumming guitar. A great music for any promotional video. This uplifting tracks has great combination of light bells and violin that provides pleasing accents. As we have already said, this one is a great piece of track for any corporate promotional video.

Inspirational Life Horizons (Not available!)

A semi-acoustic instrumental music track that has the power to inspire and brighten the day. A heart touching uplifting music track that comes in handy for soft commercials, presentations motivational ads, romantic videos, media montage. This delightful piano track is supported by acoustic guitars, strings, drum toms, ethnic percussion, warm pads and smooth electric guitar tones. This track grows every second giving it a very pleasant uplifting feel.

Powerful Presentation

A powerful yet uplifting inspirational music track that can be used in videos created for sports presentations, sport Montages corporate advertising and video that require victory feel. The electric guitar, piano, drums, and acoustic have successfully delivered a very powerful uplifting feel.

Update (21st may 2014):

Inspirational Beauty

An inspiring track with an epic feel and yes this is one of those unique tracks we have managed to find after publishing this post. The track has clean and distorted electric guitars, dreamy, melodic piano. A very catchy, nice, optimistic, inspiring melody.

So, these are the inspirational instrumental music we have managed to collect from our huge list and we hope you liked them. We shall update this list with more tracks, so make sure to subscriber for our blog for updates.

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