How Long Does it Take To Learn Something New?

“How long does it take to learn something really new?” a very frequently asked question by many people around and surprisingly the answer is just 20 hours. Yap, with 20 hours of your focused time and deliberate practice you can jump from absolutely knowing nothing to give out a descent performance on the field of your choice.

Now, you might ask me how? Well, I can’t explain, but Josh Kaufman can certainly explain what I just said because he is the one who stressed that point. Watch this amazing video to know more!

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The four steps for rapid skill acquisition by Josh Kaufman:

1. Deconstruct the skill:

Break problems into pieces and start learning the though part first.

2. Self-correct:

Acquire enough knowledge to correct yourself. You don’t have to read bunch of books or watch bunch of DVD’s to learn something and correct yourself, just a little learning is good enough.

3. Remove barriers to learning:

Eliminate distractions that effects your concentration. For instance, TV, phone calls, internet, video games etc.

4. Practice at least 20 hours:

And finally, 20 hours of good practice. should take you from an absolute beginner to noticeably well performer at something!

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