How to Live a Happy Life Being Alone or With Family and Friends

In this technology world, happiness is hard to find. People have started looking for happiness on facebook chat, twitter discussions! To be true, you guys already know its not real happiness.

Based on latest psychology research here are the things that can really help you live a happy life being alone or when you are with your family and friends.


It is easy to blame than it is to forgive! Everyone makes mistakes. If you can’t forgive others, don’t expect others to forgive you. Forgiveness shouldn’t be an act, it should be a part of your lifestyle.

#2 – Gratitude

Research has clearly stated that people who show gratitude somehow manage to find more happiness and less stress in their lives. By practicing gratitude you can clearly improve your mental health which will eventually make you live happily.


Self happiness is power! No matter who you are and what has happened in your life, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE! Say it out loud to yourself until you believe it.


Every time you smile in difficult situations, you WIN.

Its important to balance your life to keep yourself happy. When you have a good day, then the obvious response from your body is smile, which is good for your health. But when you fail or loose something, make a habbit of smiling, its hard sometimes but remember, everything in life happens for a reason. Check these funny videos that can help you smile for today.


Accepting your mistakes is one way to keeping your ego intact. If you allow your ego to fly then you will be in serious trouble. Accepting mistakes can help you find peace with yourself and learn life lessons so quickly which will eventually lead to your happiness. Here are some quotes that will help you control your ego.

Live Happy life

#6 – OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE (Positive attitude example)

No matter what situation you are in, positive attitude or thinking can and will always come to your rescue if you allow it. The power of positivity is a gift to us from divine energy.


Bad things do happen to good people. And when bad things happen to you, remember who came to your rescue. They are the ones you really need. Check this to find out how happy people live.

#8 – SPEND MORE TIME IN NATURE (Nature and animals)

Spending time with Nature has many benefits. A research says, even five minutes of “green exercise” can lead to improvements in mood and self-esteem. So make some time for the nature.

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