HOLI – A Girl’s Heart out.

Author: Kasturi Guha Thakurta

Published by: Vamsi

Waking up in the morning, with shouts and loud music cannot be a very peasant good morning, unless of course it’s HOLI!!!! It feels good to dance to the tunes of several Bollywood films we thought we never liked. From “Balam Pichkari” to “Rang Barse”, we love it all.

How much we love to get all wet in cold water, to disturb the already disturbed neighbor by throwing buckets of water into her balcony, to throw colours at every passing stranger, to check with your friends who has got more colours on her, to dance insanely even without a drop of bhang, to scream with joy, to laugh out loud, to be that little child once again! Truly, it is the festival of colours. Or is it??

Colours to bas bahana hai, I feel Holi is the Indian way of celebrating love, the Indian Valentine’s Day. To wait for your guy to come dressed in all white and you be the one to apply him colours. That flirtatious look in his eyes inviting you to come and touch his cheeks with your coloured hands, looking at him from the corner of your eyes while you pretend to play with your girl gang, finding that one moment when you quickly steal some time to exchange notes when all the chachis and mamis are busy savoring laddoos and then rushing back on time……..timeless! Well, he has perhaps never looked more handsome with that white kurta pyajama and you have perhaps never looked prettier in a white churidaar smeared with pink colour. What a colourful setting for a love story!

With this beautiful festival comes a major concern for every diligent human- the wastage of gallons of water, the disturbance of the ecology by the harmful chemical colours and health issues of many. But these should not stop us from not celebrating this lovely festival. This Holi let us pledge that we shall take care not only of our loved ones but also of our nature, by going safe. This holi let us play dry with herbal colours, so that the colour remains forever!!

And by the way, here a video we published at Video Inspiration about Holi long back. We hope you like it.

Wish you all a safe and colourful Holi that spreads colour into your life, forever.

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