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New Year’s Day is a very important holiday (along with the christmas eve 2014) to a lot of people in the world despite their many differences in religious beliefs. This is because it marks the end of a whole year of events and marks a new beginning to most curriculum of business.

New Year’s Day is currently celebrated on the 1st of January. Over 4000 years ago, New Year’s Day was not celebrated on the first of January but on the first of March since the calendar was set with the moon. However, around 46 BC the calendar was changed by syncing it to the sun. This changed New Year from March to January 1st. Therefore those who use the Gregorian calendar celebrate New Year’s Day on 1st January. And here is the a wonderful new year greeting from our side.

Happy New Year 2015 Greeting

New Year celebrations begin on the 31st of December which is known as New Year’s Eve. On this day, people hold parties with friends and loved ones as they wait until midnight in order to usher in the New Year. For instance, in 2014 31st December, a lot of people will be going around giving Happy New Year 2015 wishes.

Update 26th Dec 2014:

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes and Video Greetings

These New Year wishes do not end once the New Year day has passes. The New Year 2015 wishes may continue until late January since the year is still young. The New Year 2015 greetings that will be given later than 1st January are therefore also valid since in most cases, it is not possible to give New Year wishes and greetings to all people especially those who are far. You can therefore give the greetings if you happen to see them when the year is still very young. We are listing some inspiring new year wishes for you which you can use to send out to your family, friends or anyone you love.

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes

New year wishes: Hope the new year brings you many reasons to celebrate! Happy new year.

New year wishes: Hope the new year brings you many reasons to celebrate! Happy new year.

New year wishes: Another year, lots of new dreams! Happy new year.

New year wishes: Another year, lots of new dreams! Happy new year.

New Year gifts and greetings are also a very common form of celebration. The gifts and greetings are a way of bringing people together and uniting people. Most people give gift cards, cakes, chocolates and flowers on New Year’s Day. This is very important because it enables people to look forward to the New Year and appreciate the past time with close friends and family. It is therefore important to ensure your happy New Year 2015 greetings are in order in order to make sure all your friends and family know they are important to you.

New Year resolutions are also very common for many people all over the world. This is where people decide to do away with bad habits they might have had in the previous year and adopt new ones. Most people resolve to lose weight, quit drinking, smoking and other bad habits. However, over the years, it has been noticed that a lot of people who make New Year resolutions are unable to stick to them longer than a week after New Year’s Day.

This however does not mean that the resolutions are not important. New Year’s resolutions are very important because they enable you to know the things that need adjustment in your life. Once you identify these things, you are able to work harder subconsciously in fixing then even if you are not successful immediately. A lot of people who make resolutions are far much better than they were in previous years compared to those who do not make any resolutions. It is therefore very important to have New Year’s Resolutions.

Having New Year’s traditions is also very important in order to ensure you enjoy the day. In the USA, the dropping of the gigantic ball at City Square gathers a lot of people together and makes the day very memorable. Other countries have adopted the same tradition but drop different things. Although the entire country’s tradition is important, it is also very important to come up with your own traditions on New Year’s Day.

For instance, you can take your family out for the eve of New Year to usher in 2015. On the outing you can decide to share your Happy New Year 2015 greetings with each other. This makes things very interesting and brings you closer compared to relaxing at home and every one going about their business. It is however important to choose a tradition that each and every person is comfortable with in order to ensure that nobody is left out of the fun. This enables you to create beautiful memories with your family each New Year’s Day.

There are very many advantages of celebrating New Year’s Day. First and foremost, New Year’s Day gives you an opportunity to spend time with those friends and relatives who are always very occupied with their jobs and children. This is because the holiday is worldwide and majority of people do not go to work on this day. It is therefore a perfect time to spend with friends and family you have not seen in a long time. The importance of this day is that it gives you a chance to communicate and share time with these people which is important for the relationship.

Another great advantage of celebrating New Year’s Day is the fact that you get a chance to visit very incredible places you have not been able to visit due to work or lack of money. On New Year’s Day, there are many travel offers and discounts that are made available to the public. This gives you an opportunity to travel to your favorite destination without having to worry about the expenses.

When you travel to celebrate New Year’s Day it is also possible to have a lot of fun without having to worry about going to work the nest day since most people are given several days off work after the holiday.
Last but definitely not least, New Year gives you a chance to let go of all the unfortunate things that may have happened the previous year. This is because the day marks a new beginning where people are supposed to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Celebrating New Year’s Day gives you this chance. You are able to get closure and place your foot forward as you move into a new direction and a ray of hope. This gives you motivation and hope for the things to come. It is therefore very important to receive and give Happy New Year 2015 wishes and step into a new beginning.

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