Happy Holi Wishes and Greetings

Holi is a well celebrated festival in India. If you live anywhere away from India, you may have seen photos or videos of the Holi celebration in National Geographic, The BBC, or through some other media outlet at some point in your life? These photos would contain people of all ages covered from head to toe in brightly colored dust, smiling, and rejoicing in the streets of South Asia.

The Holi celebration is world famous and takes place mostly in India and Nepal. The festival occurs in the spring, usually in March, and participants run rampant with loved ones to celebrate the end of winter. Although it is a Hindi religious festival, it has been adopted by many cultures around the world. For example, in the United States, The Color Run Race was influenced by the Holi Celebration.

Happy Holi 2015 Video Wishes and Greetings

This festival is iconic for its abundance of joy and bright colors. Whilst the festival takes place, race, class, and caste do not matter; everyone comes together to share Holi wishes and greetings in full expression and merriment of love. Even though some regions celebrate the holiday differently, the core value of the festival is the same – Love. During this time, people celebrate and surround themselves with their loved ones and dearest friends. They share Holi wishes and Holi greetings with one another in the form of gifts, food, and greeting cards. And let’s not forget the vigorous exchange of colors in the streets.

So how does one celebrate this holiday? There are a few things one must prepare a few days before:

  • Make the Holi sweets and delicacies to give to friends and loved ones.
  • Prepare the colored powder and water in advance.
  • Make Holi greetings and wishes to give to friends and family. This can be in the form of a Holi greeting card or a Holi video that expresses holiday wishes.

The night before the festival is the burning of Holika. This is a bonfire in which family and friends gather to sing and celebrate the end of winter and the start of Holi. The day of the Holi celebration is when people truly let their wild side show. People take to the streets to throw and adorn each other with colored powder. Children especially enjoy throwing water balloons filled with colored water at one another. And of course, on the day of Holi, it is important to exchange Holi food and Holi wishes and greetings with loved ones.

Anyone can celebrate Holi from any place in the world. It is a time to run wild and celebrate life with your loved ones. If you are still unsure about how to celebrate this holiday, look up information or watch Holi videos online. Celebrate Holi this spring with your loved ones by sharing Holi wishes and greetings. Email your family and friends Holi video wishes. And if you really want to the ultimate Holi festival experience, take to the streets and partake in the color fight. Nothing expresses love more than throwing colored powder and water at the people most near and dear to your heart.

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