Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Last year, we posted some cool happy birthday video greetings on our blog.

After looking at it, few people requested us to add a happy birthday wishes greetings for best friend.

So, here we are with a new greeting. We hope you like it.

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Update 3rd Feb 2015

Birthday Wishes and Greetings for All People



Birthday is a time to look back into one’s life and celebrate the milestone achieved so far. Because of this, many people often celebrate their birthdays in very special ways. In fact, no birthday is ever complete without a birthday greeting or wish, accompanied by a special gift to celebrate the day. Here are a few sets of birthday wishes worth telling someone on their big day.

Birthday Greetings 1

Happy birthday! Words alone won’t express how amazing it feels to have you celebrate this amazing day of your life. And by the way, the best way to celebrate this day is to keep receiving gifts without remembering your age, for age is just a number!

May you have a wonderful day today. And above all, may the year ahead of you be filled with lots of love, wonderful surprises and memories that will stay in your mind forever. May you live to fulfill your dreams in life, for this is the purpose of humanity on the planet. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Greetings 2

On this special day of your life, I wish you all the best. Birthdays are indeed a good thing. Even statistics show that people who have good things in life are the ones who live longer. So the best is yet you come upon your life.

May you blow all those candles with joy. May you be filled with joy today and for the rest of your life, as you look forward to many more years to live. May you constantly receive blessings, today, tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow. May your birthday be a fantastic one. Happy birthday!

Birthday Greetings 3

It is my wish that you have all the luck, happiness and riches today hence forth. As you set your eyes back on yesterday’s memories, may they be filled with warm ones. May your celebration today be filled with unexplained joy and happiness. And as you set your eyes on the future, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true.

Look back at the things that make you special, and be grateful for who you are. And may you carry this spirit in all days of your life. I pray that whenever you blow every single piece of a candle on your birthday cake, you’ll find a reason to put a smile on your lips. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes You Can Make to Friends



This is your lucky day friend, and so I wish you all the good things in life today, hence forth. And therefore, the best ingredient for your year’s recipe should contain 20% love and 30% luck! Add courage to another 20%, then garnish it with 30% of good health. Always say cheers in life.

The reason why I am wishing you a happy birthday is because good friends are rare. And when we find them, we appreciate them so much. Happy birthday to my only good friend I will never forget!

Birthday Wishes for Girl Friends

My birthday wishes to the sweetest girl on earth. You deserve all the joy, happiness and success in your life. And therefore, today calls for both of us to celebrate this special day together.

My birthday wish is with so much love — as much as I can share. Today, I want to let you know that I care. I care enough to send birthday wishes your way. Happy birthday sweetest girl!

Birthday Wishes for Boy Friends

My birthday wishes to the boy of my dreams. Let’s join hands in celebrating and partying on this day like it was the very last day of our lives. Perhaps, this is the time to pop that bottle of champagne, and make some good noise. Burst balloons, throw confetti around and do everything that makes you happy.

This day will be remembered in so many good ways. May you look forward to having many more years of happiness. Happy birthday!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes

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