Growth Mindset Inspirational Video

Earlier today right after waking up, I watched a Ted talk. A talk that really made me think what kind of mindset I had.

“What do you think is the key to achieve our goals, our success? Some people suggest things like, hard work, focus, persistence, but research says these are by-products of something else. Some thing much more powerful that we can all develop” says Eduardo Briceno in his famous ted talk.

“The key to success is not simply, effort or focus or resilience but it is the growth mindset that creates them.” says, Eduardo Briceno.

Following is the ted talk that you should watch to understand what a growth mindset can do to your life!

The Power of belief — mindset and success

Here are some of the snippets of talk that really caught my attention.

Neuroscience says that our brain is so Malleable. It can change our own ability to think and perform.