Funny Videos for kids on Youtube for 2015

There is a saying that “the most wasted of all days, are the ones without laughter.”

Childhood days are the period of innocence. For a child, happiness is embedded in play. A smile we get from them, when they are happy is worth a million dollars. To make your child laugh, you can refer to few funny videos of kids.

They could relate themselves to the videos like it is occurring with them and can laugh like there is no tomorrow.

Funny Videos 2015 – Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies

People say dogs are a man’s best friend. No one can understand you better than a dog. This is one of the humorous and funny dog videos for kids. It is showing how every dog loves babies. At the beginning of the video we see how two dogs run with a cloth in their mouth horizontally due to which a baby falls back, a Dalmatian dog sits on the head of a baby, a cute baby tries naughty tricks of teasing his dog with food, a dog pulls a baby by his dress and several of them lick the babies out of admiration. And hey, we have yet another collection of funny videos that we have published long back. They are really funny and I hope you should like them as well.

Kids at The Zoo: Funny Videos

Zoo is a place every kid has visited in their lifetime. It is a place that not only gives them utmost joy but they get to learn about various animals of the world that are preserved there. The video shows how few kids visit the zoo and have a great laughter session. A girl taps her hands along with the captivated chimpanzee on the glass barrier, a girl gets freaked out by seeing a crocodile, tigers try to impatiently snatch the babies who are on the other side of the glass barrier and also the kids have fun with the water animals.

Funny Cat Video Compilation (Funniest Ever)

Among a number of funny cat videos for kids, this is the best compilation of the activities being performed by the cats that can make your kids and you roll over the floor. A boy starts to do a head stand and ends up kicking a cat who jumps up, a black cat gets scared of the popping of the breads from the toaster, a cat interestingly tries noticing to what the pop corn machine is up to while popcorns are being popped up every second, a kid pulls his cat inside the bathtub and it runs away and several cats trip and fall time to time from great heights or while trying to do something.

Funny Kids Fall Video Compilation

In this video, we see how every child performs some work and ends up tripping down. It starts with a girl who fell down from a tree, a child jumping on the bed falls from the bed suddenly, a baby falls off the cradle, a kid on the see saw falls from a height, a child trying to do skipping falls and the best is the little girl who spins while dancing and trips. This funny video for kids is the best compilation of all the falls of kids from the year 2012.

Funny videos for kids 2015

Watch these videos and laugh like there is no end to life!

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