Funny New Years Resolutions for 2016

New Years is just around the corner, and one long standing tradition that many people have is to make resolutions for the New Year. While many people take resolutions very seriously, other people have more of a sense of humor about it. After all change is hard, and humor is one way of recognizing that. From the ridiculous to the absurd, here are some funny New Years resolutions for 2016.

Funny New Year Resolutions that Are Encouraging

Taking something serious like New Year resolutions with a grain of salt is often a great way to encourage yourself to be a better person. Funny New Years resolutions like ” I will keep a safer distance from police cars” and “I will only binge on donuts once a week” are still a positive way of recognizing that we all have faults and can benefit from making steps toward changing them. These resolutions are also often more realistic ways to change the things we don’t like about ourselves. Other great ones include resolutions like ” I resolve to eat out more and poison my family with my cooking less” or “Work less, play more, because all work and no fun make Jack a dull boy” is a great way to make a change without taking it too seriously.

Funny New Years Resolutions for 2016 That Are Satirical

For many people New Years is about making a difference and a change, both in themselves and in the world. Satire is one way that people try to make changes. It’s a good way to point out what we don’t like about the world and what we think needs to change without being critical or condesending. ” Make a list of all the things you did last night. Add I will not to each item,” is a funny and satirical look at the hypocrasy of New Year traditions.

Funny New Year Resolutions That Are About Giving Up

Of course many people don’t even believe that change is possible at all, and that New Years Resolutions are silly in principle. One approach to to Funny New Years Resolutions for 2016 is to just admit defeat. Resolutions to “Drink more because Benjamin Franklin said that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” or resolving to “Exercise less and eat more so you won’t break any resolutions this year,” are funny ways of giving up and admitting defeat. Deciding to “Work all day, because a happy boss makes a happy life,” is a great way to make your life better weather you succeed or fail at keeping your resolution for the year.

new year resolutions 2016

No matter what your beliefs or attitude is concerning New Years and New Years Resolutions are, Funny New Years resolutions are a great way to star off your New Year with your sense of humor keeping you in line and helping you through what hopes to be a fun and productive New Year. No matter what, just thinking about Funny New Years Resolutions is sure to make you laugh and help you to start your New Year off with a smile.

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