5 Funny New Year Wishes For 2015

As soon as the clocks strike 12 on New Year’s Eve, people across the country already begin making their New Year’s resolutions. You already know the most common ones – to give up smoking, lose weight, and change career. But what about making funny Happy New Year 2015 wishes? Not only can you make your own funny New Year 2015 wishes, but you can make them for your friends, family and colleagues too!

The great thing about these New Year resolutions is that they are not as serious as the ones that you might have made in the past, and you and your loved ones can share a laugh as the world welcomes 2015. Here is a list of funny new Happy New Year wishes that you might want to make, and some New Year funny wishes you can share with friends.

Funny New Year 2015 Wishes and Resolution

Funny new year resolution

Learn how to use technology properly: This is one of those funny New Year’s wishes that only a few people will understand, but if you have trouble using technology, this one is definitely for you. Whether you have difficulty using your smartphone, television or mobile tablet, make 2015 the year that you learn some new skills. This is a great New Year’s wish for a close friend who takes a long time replying to a text message or has trouble updating social media properly!

Stop picking your nose: If you’re a secret nose-picker, make 2015 the year you stop with this simple but effective resolution. Then there’s the fact that some healthcare professionals believe that picking your nose could be bad for your health, especially if you pick so much that you cause your nose to bleed. This is one of those funny New Year wishes that you might not want to tell your friends about – especially if they don’t know that you pick your nose!

Happy New Year 2015 Greetings

Grow a beard for 2015 – this one’s for the men in your life, especially someone who likes to look after their appearance. Make a New Year’s wish for them to grow a beard in the New Year, and convince them to make it look as funny as possible. A long goatee-style beard for example can be worn throughout the month of January, and can be a great conversation starter. Kick off the New Year with a hilarious bang with a resolution like this for 2015.

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes

Give your pets New Year’s resolutions: New Year’s isn’t just for humans! Wish your pets a Happy New Year by giving them joke resolutions. For example, you might want to wish your pet dog doesn’t chew your furniture anymore in 2015! Write the resolutions in a New Year card for your pets and hang it up on a shelf in your home.

Stop taking selfies: For many people, 2014 was the year of the selfie. After all, who could forget the iconic picture of Ellen Degeneres and some of the world’s most famous actors at this year’s Academy Awards? However, with the increase of smartphones and other technology, selfies have become ever-persistent. Now it’s time to take a stand and stop! Make 2015 the year you stop taking selfies – it might be difficult at first, but you hopefully you’ll resist! This is one of those funny Happy New Year wishes that you can share with your friends.

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