10 Funny Motivational Video that Can Light Up Your Life

Couple of days ago, we posted a collection of videos (Inspirational and Motivational Video Clips) that has some of the coolest videos from our youtube channel. So, after watching those videos, we got a request from one of our subscriber to post a collection of funny motivational video clips.

Positive attitude is everything! Be Positive Be Happy!

No matter how bad things get, just keep looking up and smile. Things will get better.

So, we made a quick list of 3 funny motivational videos. So here is the collection for you. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to drop a like and a share if you like them!

Update: 16th Oct 2021.

Funny Motivational Videos

1. Team Work Never Fails – Funny Motivational Videos for Students

The following motivational videos are for students. The video below has a collection of three videos combined into one which expresses one common lesson – “Teamwork never fails”. This is really one of the most hilarious videos we found on youtube!

We hope the video improve student motivation and engagement include measures of culture, through study groups, study spaces, and peer interactions.

2. Do what you love doing. Life is short, Live this moment!

And finally, here is a cute little video we managed to find. If you like this collection, just share this post with your friends and family to spread the smile you have on your face after watching the video.

3. Don’t argue with idiots

The following video down here is a great and one of the most successful ad from the birdbox studios! Presenting to you the original video from the birdboxstudio!

We hope you liked the funny motivational video clips collection above! If you have a suggested video, please use our contact form to request an update. We will be more than happy to update this post with your video if our team approves it.

4. Funny Videos For Kids

Charlie bit me, is one of the most famous videos on the internet. Its unfortunate that we missed it to post that video in the collection of funny videos collection.

The boys are simply wonderful, especially harry. Who managed to keep his cool even after charlie bit him real hard.

5. Funny videos for children

If you wish to watch more funny videos here we go. This one is a fantastic dancing video by a kid and sure this will make a fantastic comedy video for children. Not just funny, the kid gives a great inspirational message at the end of the video. So make sure to finish this video off before we go anywhere. I am sure you will like this funny video clip.