Funny Happy Birthday Video Wishes On Youtube is notorious for having a lot of content on a wide array of subject matter. So it should be no surprise that there are plenty of funny happy birthday videos and general birthday wishes videos for friends and family to be found with limited searching. There are quite a few videos that fall into these categories and this article here will detail a few of the best available.

Before we get started, checkout our happy birthday wishes video and a cool birthday greeting that you can use to wish your friend on his/her birthday.

Finding funny birthday videos isn’t really all that difficult. There are videos that range from the hilarious antics of the guest of honor walking in on a surprise birthday party, to a lot of epic fails regarding the blowing out of the candles at the event. Perhaps one of the best reactions to a surprise birthday party can be found here.

It is short and sweet and fully encompasses all the hilarity of a truly surprised birthday girl. There are several videos very similar to this, and with a simple query search for hilarious surprise party reactions, you can bring up this video and numerous others like it.

Party fails are among the most popular funny birthday videos available on Youtube right now. This can be any number of things that went wrong. For example, a surprise birthday party guest rushes to greet the birthday girl and finds a door frame instead. Check this out.

In another serious party foul situation, an adult at a child’s birthday party had a little too much to drink and finds himself ruining the iconic candle blowing moment.

Compilation funny happy birthday videos are arguably the most popular on YouTube. This is basically numerous of the hit fail party moments all crammed together. There are so many of these that share the hilarity of party moments gone wrong that you can easily find yourself watching several back to back.

Two of the most popular compilations to be found regarding party fails are this video and this hilarious birthday video. Some of these can get rather lengthy, so the ones included here do not take up much time but give you an idea of what you are in for with the longer versions.

Not all of the funny birthday content on Youtube needs to be of things going wrong. Sometimes there can just be some cuteness and humor in the birthday wishes videos that can be found on the site as well. Through the search query funny birthday wishes, you can get two different types of content. You will get footage of humorous wishes before someone blows out the candles on their cake and also funny ways that people wish each other happy birthday. A good example of a good funny birthday wish video.

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So if you are looking for birthday related humor, Youtube is an excellent place to find it. There are countless videos ranging from extreme to cute offering a little something for everyone. Let these videos listed above get you started on finding the perfect video to suit your mood, whether it is your birthday or not.

Update: 3rd Feb 2015

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