Crazy Penguin – Very Funny Video Clips

It’s been a while since we posted some funny videos. This funny video collection was one of the last good one we have posted.

Today, we are here to add one more video to our funny video clip collection and that’s called crazy penguin.

We hard linked the video for our email subscribers. For those who wish to watch the video on the blog, scroll down, we have embedded the video for you.

Crazy Penguin – Very Funny Video Clip

We have also posted some very funny video clips in the past; following are some of the best from our collection.

#1 – The Red Card; Minion Football

Minion Football - Very Funny Video Clips

Minion football is the shortest and perhaps the coolest video we have posted on our channel. Its just a 11 second video but we are sure, you would love that funny video clip.

#2 – Youtube funny video – Team

Now that’s one of our youtube funny video that reached so many people. This funny yet inspiring video teaches the power of having a strong team.

#3 – Baby funny video

The above video was actually an advertisement. we don’t remember who made it but that was an amazing video. One of the best baby funny video we have ever watched, I guess.

#4 – Funny cat video

Lot of people around love cats and they love them even more when they are funny. Here is funny cat video we have posted on our channel a while ago. This one sure is one of the best funny short video clips we have posted on the blog right after minion football video. Hope you like it.

#5 – Funny dog video.

How could we miss funny dog video after posting a funny cat video. The above cartoon funny video is the best dog funny video we have posted on our blog. We have also posted few others but that one above is the best. Birdboxstudios have a great cartoon funny video collection on their youtube channel and here is yet another funny dog video you can’t miss.

So, these are some of the most funny videos we have for you. Hope you enjoyed these very funny video clips! If you did, please appreciate our work with a Facebook like and share, a tweet and a Google plus share if possible. Well, if you really love our collection please may be you can send an email to your friend asking him/her to watch it. We appreciate you for vising our site; and we would appreciate you even more if you could help us make this funny video clips post popular.