5 Best Motivational Videos on YouTube for 2016

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Its been a while since we published some video articles on this blog! Today, we are here with 5 best motivational videos taken from our YouTube videos collection [we appreciate your subscription 🙂]. Inspiration or motivation (whatever you call it) is just like food. Food is most essential for a human being; because it helps the humans in managing the energy levels of the body. Very similarly, inspiration on the other hand manages the energy levels of the human brain. That’s one reason why we (not just we, many people around too) recommend inspiration / motivation on a very regularly basis – just because inspiration keeps your mind relaxed.

Anyways, coming to the point, today we have this mini list of motivational videos to inspire you. We hope you find our collection useful 🙂

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Update 29th May 2014:

Steve starts his speech saying – “About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer,” with that statement, steve creating a personal and emotional connection with his audience. Jobs is not trying to seem weak, but the exact opposite. Jobs is proving how strong he is, and how strong you should be.

Update: Feb 2014

An inspiring speech by steve jobs that teaches a great lesson for students, teaches, employees and everybody else.

1 – Motivational Video – Always Take Chances, Make Mistakes Thats How You Grow

2 – Friends

Here comes one of our favorite videos and one of our oldest creations too. This video is based on a picture collection taken from the Internet that talks about what it takes to be a real friend. We hope we made the best of all the pictures by organizing them well and creating a beautiful animation out of it. And people who are wondering about the music tracks used in our videos, we typically use royalty free tracks purchased from different websites around. We have shortlisted some good collection of instrumental music tracks just for you. We have yet another music collection in case you need more per-selected instrumental tracks for your business or personal needs.

3 – Human Birth is Truly Inspiring.

A stunning video that shows a baby in the mothers womb. The video shows you all the phases a baby goes through in 0 to 9 months time in mothers womb. This video is simple and clean, feel free to show it to your kids. We hope they like it.

4 – Funny Motivational Video – TEAM – ( Find more funny videos here )

A short funny video that shows the importance of a team work. You can also find more funny and motivational videos by following the link we placed right after the title of the above video.

5 – You Can Live Your Dream.

A fantastic composition that can motivate you real quick. If you wish to find out the list of music, movies and speakers used in this video, please feel free to check the description of this video.

Perhaps the last but certainly not the least, here we are with one of our oldest creations. This video gives a strong message for people who needs motivation. Combined with awesome music, great picture collection and absolutely amazing message this video really stands apart from the rest of the videos we have created till date.

So those are the videos we wanted to show today. If you find them useful, please do us a favor by liking and sharing our videos. We’d also appreciate if you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel, it really helps a lot 🙂

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Update: 12-Dec-2014

Inspirational Youtube Videos

So the above inspirational videos are taken from our youtube channel. And we want to extend this list with some inspiring youtube videos we discovered lately. The inspirational music videos below is taken from different channels all around the world.

Let me start this collection with a wonderful inspirational music from Zack Hemsey! A phenomenal audio track if you are looking for inspiration.

Update: The Video is removed. Updated a new video on may 18th 2016.

The Way (Instrumental).

No Fear!

The inspirational track mentioned above is used in this wonderful motivational video called no fear. And I’m sure that this video would be one of the best inspirational videos for students. The video includes some amazing inspirational speeches by Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Ray Lewis. And if you ask us to suggest one of the most inspirational videos around, this one would stand somewhere in the top 10 for sure.

Deserve More!

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Motivational Videos on YouTube for 2015

So, we are updating this collection with latest motivational videos for 2015. All the videos mentioned below are updated keeping the year 2015 in mind. Check them out and we hope you will have a wonderful new year 2015.

Believe in yourself.

Passion – Motivational Video

We presented you with the list of wonderful youtube motivational video collection. We may also update this article with latest videos coming up. So please consider subscribing to video inspiration youtube channel where we have almost 23,000 subscribers along with email subscription to our website. We will bring you best of the motivational video collection in our future releases.