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The number one life lesson I learned from a life on the road is to be honest. Even halfway across the country I could not hide from the lies I left in Connecticut.

Everyone in life is facing their own demons and hiding from their own truths, but not many are ready to face them. I hope this video inspires everyone and anyone to free themselves and to be truthful no matter how bad your situation may be.

In life, we are blessed with freedom of choice. The choices we make dictate who we are in the eyes of others. Two and a half years ago I made a choice that would effect my life to this very day. I would lie to the ones I loved and formed an artificial image of who everyone thought Vinny really was. Not even the closest to me would know of this lie, but I couldn’t tell them – I couldn’t tell anyone.

When the circumstances were to overwhelming I needed to escape; So I left home with no return date. I bounced my way down the east coast to visit someone I would hope to love again in Florida. No one knew of my intentions, all they knew was the newfound name I made for myself (thetravelinvin’). I would then meet another person who would end up being my boyfriend – Michael. Michael is the one who encouraged me to be honest and face my demons.

Many appreciated the truth, however some did not. What matters is the weight is off my shoulders and I feel brand new. I have more confidence than ever and i’m realizing my true potential. It has been a journey and it has just begun.

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