Baby in Womb – Inspiring Facts about Baby in the Womb

I was fascinated by a video that showed a baby in womb of his/her mother. After watching that amazing video (which we uploaded in the past on our channel), I started to wonder about the development of baby inside the womb. I have no idea what I just saw. I had many questions in my mind while I was watching the video but keeping that apart, what I saw (how the baby being shaped) was just amazing. So, I wanted to understand the facts that are associated to human birth.

That’s when I started my research. I wanted to know more about things like, what happens to the baby in womb week by week or may be month by month, how does the baby gets his/her food and many other facts involved in process of human birth. I know this is a sensitive area of research, but I always wanted to explore things that I don’t know. So, I started my research, as usual, with a simple Google search. But before I talk more, let me show you the wonderful video that really inspired me to go ahead with this research!

Baby in Womb

If you can’t watch the video above, feel free to watch the baby in womb video directly on YouTube. If you can’t watch youtube videos at all, then I am sorry to say that I don’t have another source for the video above.

As I started looking for answers to find out what happens to the baby in the womb week by week, I found the video below! The video showed the fatal development of baby month by month; which I thought was a good start.

After watching the video above, I got a fair understanding of what’s going on, but still, I didn’t get a clear picture. So I started looking for few other resources that could help. And then, I found this article – life in the womb, which really opened my mind. The short article described about what happens in the womb month by month! That article by was just like a textual explanation for the video above.

That article really ended my first round of research. I still have more questions in my mind but that’s all I have for you for today. I am going to continue my research tomorrow and I will update this page with more information and appropriate videos!

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