5 Motivational Speakers with Awesome Speeches for 2015

When people ask me about some great motivational speeches, I personally recommend this wonderful speech and also this amazing motivational speech from steve jobs. They are some of the best of i’ve ever seen.

But this article here focuses on few more motivational speeches for 2015. None of all these speeches are made in 2015 but, almost all of them have a great message to deliver.

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Motivational Speech by Lizzie Velasquez

Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velasquez is an American woman with zero body fat, and her extremely rare condition inspired her to become one of the most celebrated authors and top motivational speakers in the world. She was born in 1989, and she studied at the Texas State University. Being called “The World’s Ugliest Woman” is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, but Lizzie was brave enough to tell her story through an anti-bullying documentary about her life. She decided to turn her medical condition from a negative to a positive, and her story has inspired many people who may be different from others.

In a time when beauty is defined by supermodels, success is defined by wealth, and fame is defined by how many followers you have on social media, Lizzie asks the question, “How do you define yourself?” In her talks, she tells people that apart from herself, only two other people have her rare condition. She goes on to explain that her condition means that she can’t gain weight no matter what she eats, which might be good news for some women, but it’s not. She doesn’t let her condition wear her down, and she has discovered some benefits of her condition, which she explains in her talks.

Alec Stewart – Inspirational Speech.

With 118 international caps, Alec is the most capped English Test cricketer of all time. Alec has been a Surrey stalwart for over 20 years, making his debut in 1981 as an opening batsman and occasional wicket-keeper. His Test career ended with him having kept the wicket for 82 out of 133 matches. After retiring, he became an ambassador for Surrey cricket, and he has continued to support cricket development across the county. As one of the famous motivational speakers, he is considered, witty, and entertaining. His achievements in sport saw him awarded an OBE.

In one of his speeches, Alec Stewart tells people not to give up. He says that when you get knocked down, you get back on your feet and try again. He says that quitting is for weak people and for him, it’s all about how you can succeed. “The word impossible should not be in your dictionary” is one of his favorite quotes. If you want to be the best, there are some things that you should be prepared to do. You also need to be ready to sacrifice, but at the end of the day, when you’re on the road to success, it can take you anywhere.

Mark Victor Hansen – Motivational Speaker

Born in January 1948, Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. As one of the leading motivational speakers, he’s most famous for creating the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, and he sold over two million books when he published his first book. So far, he has sold over 140 million copies of these books. He chose the name “Chicken Soup” because chicken soup is used as a remedy for people who are sick. Hansen has made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today show and CNN, while Time, World Report and US News magazines have featured him on their covers.

In one of his talks, Hansen gives us five tips to make more money today. He starts by saying that when your thinking expands, your pocket will also expand. He goes on to state that we should put our ideas in writing. He says “Don’t think it, ink it”, and he emphasizes the need to write a business plan. If you want to make money today, you need to re-purpose yourself, reinvent yourself, and rewrite your goals. If you can take action today, and repeat to yourself “Do It” fifty times a day, then you have a fortune waiting for you.

Deepak Chopra – American bestselling author

Deepak Chopra is an American bestselling author and one of the best motivational speakers. He was born in New Delhi, India in 1947, and he studied western medicines at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. In 1968, he relocated to America where he started practicing at a hospital in New Jersey. He is an expert in alternative medicine, and a money making guru to other people. He teaches people to find time to meditate and silence the mind in order to achieve happiness. We also need to watch what we consume in order to improve our physical health.

While being interviewed about matters to do with the heart, Deepak Chopra said that love is what we are deep down inside. He then quotes a great Indian poet who stated that love is not mere sentiment but it is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation. What distorts love is that we look outside for love, without realizing that the love that we experience outside is a reflection of the love we have for our deepest self, which is our soul. His basic principle is to always ask yourself, “If I love myself, would I do this?” , which will guide you throughout your life.His wisdom has made him be regarded as one of the top motivational speakers in the world.

Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion and prior World Record holder in the 1,500m men’s wheelchair event. He has spent many years speaking to corporations and thousands of pupils on various topics, but his main message is motivating positive and stimulating achievement by learning the basics of overcoming barriers. He connects with his audience through stories, and he speaks about the duty of recognizing the excellence we see around us. It isn’t always about conquering our obstacles but having enough courage to meet them head on.

Jeff Adams grew up on a farm, milking cows and doing other chores that were part of rural life. As a kid, he was always looking for an excuse not to do his chores, which made him pick up sports as a way of escape. He played many sports including basketball, tennis and football with his friends, but most of all, he fell in love with hockey, especially street hockey. He survived cancer when he was young because of radiation therapy. Unfortunately, the treatment burnt his spine, and at nine years of age, the burn caused a spinal fluid injury, which led to his disability. His challenges as a disabled person made him stronger, and he eventually became a world champion and one of the most famous motivational speakers in the world.