What is Maturity?

Here is a quick list that will help you understand what maturity means!

1: Maturity is when your ego loses over other people’s feelings. Maturity is when a person handles a bad bad fight with his/her better half. I feel the relations are more important than ego.
2: Maturity is when you stop running away from a problem and instead work on handling it. Responsibility is the term.
3: Maturity is when you appreciate simple things.
4: Maturity is when he forgets his pride and admits his mistakes.
5: Maturity is when person starts respecting people.
6: Maturity is when you start understanding the value of people around you.
7: Maturity is when a five year old kid starts sharing.
8: Maturity is when you know when not to speak and when to.
9: Maturity is when you tries to become a good human being.

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