Tony Robbins Videos Can Bring Remarkable Change in Life

When the world seems to be the saddest place to live; when you think your dreams are crashing one by one; when there is no one to encourage you, probably Tony Robbins is your ultimate savior. The American motivational speaker, self- help author and life coach has been transforming the lives of millions with his inspirational thoughts. If Tony Robbins videos quotes and books cannot inspire you, there are very few left who can!

This article is a one – stop store which bags most inspiring quotes, books and videos from Tony Robbins that will help you to come out of your pitfalls, embrace challenges and move ahead successfully in life.

Personal development and professional advancement

Personal development comes from self- motivation and it is something which doesn’t pop up out of the blue. You have to pursue it. He has arranged several personality development programs and seminars where he tells that it is necessary to feed minds first and make conscious choices about what and how we are going to proceed. He also says professional advancement advances with personal growth. These two are interlinked.

Tony Robbins books mostly deal with personal growth like Unleash the Power Within. This book comes with an audio CD also. After reading the book you will know how to transform your limited beliefs; you will learn to utilize your personal resources hidden within you and you will live your life not by hope or chance, but by design.

When messages come in form of inspiring thoughts, they have a greater impact on people. Tony Robbins quotes are wonderful and they greatly motivate personal- self. Example: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible”. Another one –“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”. This one is for a business owner – “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

If you want something more quick which can charge you in minutes, you can watch Tony Robbins videos. Example: Best lessons from Anthony Robbins.

Personal development

The 8 minutes video starts with a loud, cheerful music filming Anthony Robbins dancing. The music stops. He says thank you and asks the huge audience – ‘how are you?’ The audience screams back in response. He charged up the audience with first few sentences and begins his session.

He says that active participation is needed from the audience instead of seating passively; otherwise you won’t remember what is told. You will never apply them in real life. Similarly, when you are learning something, you are boosting your intellect. But until you do them in action, it is of no use.

If you are in business, but you do not talk to your neighbors, what will you do with your marketing knowledge? He jumps; walks; enacts and runs all over the stage while presenting his speech.

Love and relationship

When it comes to relationship, Tony Robbins is a Love Guru. He shares amazing ways to ignite more passion; love and excitement for couples. For singles, he provides ideas to attract the ideal mate. Anthony Robbins has also helped those who are facing relationship issues.

His Ultimate Relationship Program presents a 10 days course. By the end of the course your life will be filled with romance and love that you always craved for. This is an action book and guide. No just book, you can also kindle love within you by reading his amazing quotes – “Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end”; “It’s your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life”.

Find Tony Robbins YouTube videos on relationship issues to apply his ideas into your love life.

Tony Robbins Saves A Marriage – 8 Minutes – This clip is taken from a recording of his seminar. The video begins with an audience sharing his problem with Tony. The man says he has lot of conflicts in his mind. He wants to get a divorce but he is scared of telling it to his wife and small daughter thinking of how they will react. He says he loves his wife but they do not have things in common, they have lots of differences.

Tony asks if the man is having any difference in his life after taking the decision to divorce. The man says he is working more hard; nurturing outside interests etc. But Tony asks him to put him in his wife’s shoe and sees the situation from her point of views. Through the conversation, he convinces the man to stick to his wife and make her feel loved. After six months that man and his wife visits Tony to say how their life have changed after that session.

So, follow Tony Robins and lead a quality life!

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