A Run Like No Other

It all started in 2009 when a group of fitness enthusiasts had an idea: to use an accessible, affordable sport like running to create a supportive, encouraging and empowering environment for people with intellectual challenges.

Three years later, a few blind runners joined in and encouraged their peers to run too.

Running hour now has nearly 400 members and has created ripples of good for all involved.

Not only has it provided a way for often reclusive people with special needs to do some exercise outdoors and mingle with their peers, it has given them a vehicle to integrate into mainstream society.

None of it would be possible without volunteers.

They come from all walks of life, and with all levels of fitness. Some pairs have achieved their personal bests together, and others are experiencing a renewed level of fitness they hadn’t felt in a long time.

How You Can Help

Keen to run alongside these outstanding, determined runners? Become a running buddy!

Filmed & edited by: Anshul Tiwari
Produced by: Ashima Thomas
Text by: Ashima Thomas

A story by Our Better World – simple, powerful stories that will make your heart smile and spirit soar.

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