Motivational Video for Students

So, this time we have some motivational videos for students. Well, frankly speaking these videos are for every one.

Update 29th May 2014:

Steve starts his speech saying – “About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer,” with that statement, steve creating a personal and emotional connection with his audience. Jobs is not trying to seem weak, but the exact opposite. Jobs is proving how strong he is, and how strong you should be.

Update: Feb 2014

An inspiring speech by steve jobs that teaches a great lesson for students, teaches, employees and everybody else.

Update: September 2013

Our latest creation: Money is Not Always Important – Do What You Love Doing and Money Will Follow.

The following video is derived from one of the greatest speeches by alan watts!

It’s important how you are gonna finish. It’s important that you finish strong – Nick Vujicic

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable – Mario Novak.

The following video (Inspiring People in History) is taken from this place.

Learning something, infact learning anything can take far less time than you can imagine. Check the following video to know how. The following video is taken from TED Talks!

Update: 2nd Oct 2013

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