Real Boy Behind the Inspiring Success Kid Meme

At, we write a lot about inspiration for life. And today we want to talk about a boy, a boy who inspired the internet for over 8 years.

If you are in touch with the internet, you may have already seen this boy in a lot of internet memes. This kid by name Sammy Griner has inspired a lot of people around the world and he is popularly known as success kid.

Very few people on the internet know the identity of the kid behind all the memes.

Sammy Griner’s mother took the picture of the boy when he tired to eat sand.

The meme gained initial popularity and was called “I Hate Sandcastles”, and eventually grew into the “Success Kid” meme according to wikipedia.


And the success kid, has successfully raised money to get kidney transplant to his dad. The crowd funding campaign has successfully collected $75K.

Justin Griner, Sam Griner (Success Kid), and Laney Griner

Justin Griner, Sam Griner (Success Kid), and Laney Griner

Here are some most popular success kid meme.


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