Inspirational VIdeos That Influences Life Ahead

Action speaks louder than words. Similarly, life lessons when narrated in the form of a short film or movie, creates a positive impact on the viewer. With man popular social communication channels, rationalists have used these medium to share inspirational videos among people who wish to stay positive and grow most and more in life. There are plenty of such video messages that target various age groups like children, teenager, adults and baby boomers as well.

1. Self-help is the best help. Motivating oneself is an art in its own. People who observe the people around them with a perception of goodness and seek to learn new things every day, psychologically evolve into a better human being. There are plenty of videos that deal with boosting self-confidence, hard work, thinking positive, exploiting the power of mind to achieve the un-achievable, practicing truthfulness and honesty etc. Such video messages creates positive energy and reverberates inside the body and stirs the soul. Here is one example:

The Power of the Mind: Considered as one of the acclaimed inspirational videos 2015, this 8 minute video is in the form of a narration by Tyrese Gibson. The video shows a man seeking the help of the powerful mind to learn the good and unlearn the bad. The video says that if you are pursuing a goal, it begins with changing ones mindset as the first step.

It also states that overcoming all negativeness, loosening your fears and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you shift your mind in the correct direction. The man visits various places and tries to analyze the ability of mind to classify between positives and negatives that are equally prevalent in the society.

The video is colorful and vibrant. From dawn to dusk the video has captured all the colors of nature. The silent mornings and the busiest night life are shown splendidly in this video. With a monotonous tone, the narrator explains mind power is the best power that has the capability to make you think clearly and achieve your goal.

Watch this video once to bring about a paradigm shift in thought process.

2. Inspirational videos are not only those that makes you think hard and evolve into a better person. There are some Funny inspirational videos that conveys great message as you watch them. A genuinely awesome life lesson is conveyed in this video that speaks about how to smile and stay happy.

How lovely it will be to find someone who can make you smile, forget your sorrows (momentarily though) and stand like a true friend in need? Always smile back at someone who smiles at you. This small and sweet gesture makes the other believe that they are not alone struggling against the odds of the society.

In this 1.45 minute video people are busy waiting at a tram stop. Each one is engrossed in their own life full of tension and stress. Suddenly an old man starts to smile and slowly starts to laugh out loud. Though initially people find it odd, funny and intriguing, later they leave their inhibition and join him in his laughter riot. The smile and innocent laughter of the old man has broken the silence and made the atmosphere light and breezy. Come what may! Laugh it out and stay stress free!

Check the following video.

3. Students are the power of future. A child’s life gets shaped up at their school. While at school too children succumb to various psychological issues like peer pressure, racism, bullying, physical and mental abuse etc. Such acts can disturb the middle school children’s state of mind and can affect their life ahead to a great extent. America’s number one requested school presenter and inspirational Marc Mero shares his life story in the most entertaining manner. This video can be considered as one of the best inspirational videos of this year as the contents are addressed in the most polite manner not hurting anyone’s feelings.

Titled “The simple message that brought this middle school class to tears”, this 5 minute video has the vibrant speaker Marc Mero address school going students in his best jovial style. His powerful delivery method comprised of video, music, dance and the most important of all, he connects to each of his audience personally. He speaks about his rise to fame and his decision to lose all the fame to turn into the happiest person on earth. He has named his program Champion of Choices where he propels the students to make their life choices by selecting the best suited for them, stand up for their rights and not to succumb to the wiles and miseries of the world. He gives the young minds courage to face the harsh world with determination and vigor. You can do it!

Check the following link for the video

Short films and motivational videos are quite a stress buster in today’s world. Within a short span of 10 to 15 minutes, such videos carry quintessential messages that spread love, equality and happiness among people.

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