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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”, said Brad Henry. We highly believe in Brad Henry’s words. That’s why we give utmost importance to this inspirational videos for teachers page! That’s why we update this page more often than any other. But now it looks like we need your help. Can you help us inspire more teachers? We are trying our best to update this page with cool videos to inspire teachers, because we feel its important! If you think you can contribute, suggest us videos that you think can add great value to this page. You can either use our contact page to contact us or send us an email at . We are looking forward to hear from you 🙂 (Update 26th Nov 2013)

At VI, my day starts with a video. A video of my choice, taken from our inspirational video collection ( this one is my favorite ). We have posted hundreds of inspirational videos over the past few months and today we are here to post a collection of inspiration videos for teachers!

Update 29th May 2014:

Steve starts his speech saying – “About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer,” with that statement, steve creating a personal and emotional connection with his audience. Jobs is not trying to seem weak, but the exact opposite. Jobs is proving how strong he is, and how strong you should be.

Update: Feb 2014

An inspiring speech by steve jobs that teaches a great lesson for students, teaches, employees and everybody else.

Update 25th Oct 2013

Teachers Make the Difference – Thank Your Teacher, Today!

I have a video that talks about the time taken by somebody (in fact anybody) to learn something new. You see it’s all about the mindset. I thought the following video is a good one to start our inspirational videos for teachers collection. So, watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Simon Sinek’s speech at ted was an eye opener for many. One of the simplest yet powerful speeches I’ve ever heard. Sinek talks about the golden circle and how great leaders inspire while others aren’t. A must watch video for leaders and teachers who create them!

My third video is from a








and of-course a great TEACHER! Steve Jobs.

So, that’s all I have for you now! Hope you guys find these videos useful. I would be glad if you guys can recommend me some more videos that can be added to this collection. I generally don’t bite when people recommend something, so please drop me your feedback using my contact page!

Update: 2nd Oct 2013

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