How to Control Anger Outbursts – 3 Steps That Actually Worked For Me

Author: Vamsi

My name is Vamsi and I’m known for publishing videos, inspirational videos in particular at VI. However, this article is going to be different. In this post, I want to tell you a secret, a little secret that helped me control my anger outburst (actually prevent it) to a great extent doing what I loved doing.

Watching Inspirational / Motivational Videos

As I said, my job at Video Inspiration was to publish videos on this blog. In the process of finding some good videos, I’m used to watch lot of inspirational / motivational videos and after watching few of them I often end up in tears. This process would typically take few hours per day and I do it 3 to 4 days  a week.  Now, this is something that really made a real big impact in my life. While I was busy doing all this work, I noticed that my angry levels gradually dropped down.

Did I say, tears controlled my anger?

Well, I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist, to give you a conclusion. A simple Google search about tears helped me find out something interesting. Here is a short summary of what I have found. “Tears come out of eyes to control any strong emotion”. Maybe that’s why tears come out when we cry; sometimes when we laugh heavily or while watching an inspirational / motivational video.

So I felt like – “That really makes a lot of sense”. But as I said, I am neither a doctor nor a scientist so I can’t give you an exact answer for what really changed. But whatever is the reason, watching lot of inspirational videos did bring in a lot of change (particularly in controlling and preventing anger outburst).

Now, don’t ask me – “Tears while chopping onions, do they help me control anger?” that’s something you will have to find out and tell me.


I am not a great reader; but, I was forced to read a lot of stuff to find answers to lot of questions. Sometimes also to find some good inspirational quotes to update our facebook page.

Often at times I end up in tears (again? Yep! You heard me right) while reading quotes from great men and women. After reading some of the quotes, I fall in tears once or twice every day. Tears have become a part of my life these days, just like children. They fall in tears often to leave their emotions out so regularly unlike adults. Maybe that’s why they are more happier than adults. And again this is just my belief, you already know that I’m not a doctor!

Managing Stress

Managing stress can not only bring the positive energy levels up but it can also keep the angry levels down. Again, I’ve experienced this personally. In a TED conference – Kelly McGonigal talked about converting negative aspect of life into positive energy with a change in attitude. You can check that amazing video here. The stress management video by Kelly has some really great stuff, and it really helped me a lot in controlling stress and obviously control anger. I would highly recommend you not to skip that video.

So, these are the three strategies that has really helped me control anger. I have experienced the change in my life for real. You can also try this and let me know if it worked for you. The best part in implementing these three steps is that you don’t have to spend even a single penny, everything comes just for free. So, why don’t you give it a shot. If you have read this article so far then you probably should try this; because if I’m right, you are one of those who burst into anger quite very soon. Maybe you can get started by watching videos from our funny motivational videos collection here.

Here are some useful videos you might love to watch.

Inspiring Kids Videos.

Inspiring Videos for Teachers.

We didn’t make a list of motivational videos for working professionals yet, but we will definitely have a collection very soon. If you have some great video suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send them to us. You can send us a message through our contact page. And if the video gets shortlisted we might post it on VI along with some credits to you for referring the video.

Update 20th Nov 2013:

At video inspiration, we have some good collection of videos. Some of them are mentioned in the post above and some are not. I posted an article, motivational video for students long back and it seems to have a great response.  For some reason, I missed to show you that post while I was editing the article the other day. So re-edited this article to show you that as well. Hope that helps!

Update 20th Nov 2013:

So, I just managed to find a beautiful video by Dr Jim Byrne about controlling anger. In the following video Dr Jim talks about anger management basics with some lovely little stories that can help you understand the theory better. I personally loved watching it and I hope you find it useful too.

Update 21st Nov 2013

I just came across one of my order article which has a collection of best motivational videos (in my view at-least). I am looking to add few more videos to that collection later this month. Just wanted to update this post so that you might find it useful.

If you have any suggested videos, then please drop me a message. If the video you sent gets shortlisted, then I will have no problem updating it on the blog.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by! You can navigate through the archives to for more videos.

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